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In these days, it's so hard to have healthy and charming skin because of pollution. Everyone wants to have a glowing skin. So we share some tips to make your skin fresh and healthy in a limited budget.

Diet for healthy skin:
Healthy eating always matters. We must take a healthy diet to have fresh skin. For skin nutrition, we should take the following type of diet.

1: Water: -It is very important to drink 8 glasses of water a day. It helps keep the skin hydrated and helps evacuate the system.

2: Blueberries: – These are the high source of antioxidants that we must use because it is a good source of fiber.

3: Nuts: – The nut is full of fatty acids that are just for the protection of our skin. When we use it regularly, our skin looks younger.

4: Green tea: – Green tea is another liquid and it is very beneficial for our skin. If we want nourished skin, we should use it.

5: Whole wheat bread: – Whole wheat bread contains selenium, so it is also very healthy. Selenium is a mineral, useful for the cells of the skin while we are in sunny weather.

Some other tips:
We can also use many other tips for healthy skin. Food is an important thing, but a lot of other things are there for us, which also counts for a glowing and healthy skin. Who are the following:

1: Sunscreen: – We should use sunscreen while we are under the sun because ultraviolet rays have a negative impact on our skin.

2: Moisturize: – Cleansing and moisturizing is very important for glowing skin. As we feel, after cleaning, we found our skin more vibrant.

3: Take vitamins: – Vitamins are needed for glowing skin. In girls evening primrose oil is used to increase the shine of the skin and everyone can take vitamin E.

4: Exercise: – Exercise is very important for to have a glowing skin and this also counts for several reasons. Exercise helps to keep the elasticity of the skin and because of these wrinkles will reduce.

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