10 Easy and Effective Beauty Tips


Ten simple and effective beauty secrets that every girl should know.

1. Brush on your fixative.

As a last drying step, spray the hair on your brush and put it in your hair. This prevents your hair from being wrinkled and stiff, but will keep their volume and shine.

2. Use lemon to treat stained nails.

If your nails are stained, my dark nail polish will stick your nails in lemon halves for five minutes to help illuminate the nails instantly. This trick is often used by models because they constantly make their nails, often with dark and stained varnishes.

3. Dust your roots.

If your hair line starts to look greasy, find a big brush of fluffy makeup. Dip it in a loose powder and press the brush to remove any excess, then sprinkle it on your roots. This will mop up the oil and blend into your strands.

4. Use soap bars in your dresser.

You know these delicious soap bars, which are too good to use. Throw them in your underwear or t-shirt drawer to make the smell of the skin even more delicious.

5. Static cure enigmatic hair.

Use a drying sheet to remove static electricity from curly hair. It also works to quickly eliminate unwanted odors from the previous night. No matter what your hair feels like a fraternal party, or something rather unpleasant, it will cover as well as remove pests.

6. Use toothpaste to remove pimples

If you find yourself with an unwanted zit, you can apply a small amount of toothpaste, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash.

7. Coconut oil.

This fragrant oil is packed with antioxidant properties to combat premature aging. Coconut oil penetrates well into the skin and leaves no residue. Coconut oil can also be used as a great tool to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong. The oil increases the circulation on the scalp, helping to provide nutrients to the hair follicles. Just apply it on the scalp and work it up to the ends, leave it for an hour or two, shampoo well and apply it.

8. Instant Glow

Just got back from work, and you need to get ready quickly before you go to town? Mix equal parts of lemon and honey, apply it to your face and wash it after 10 minutes. This will quickly add a healthy glow to your skin.

9. Dune your lips.

As a quick way to bounce your lips, you can apply a small amount of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or a similar irritant to your lips.

10. Water

Drink water and more water. The water is really the best friend of a girl. No matter how many beauty tips or tricks you learn, drinking lots of water is the most important. The water cleanses the body of toxins and leaves the skin healthy. The water will make you feel healthy and hydrated while leaving you skin and hair supple.

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