10 magical Christmas ideas for parents


Christmas can be a very special moment where the memories of a lifetime are made. What can you do to make your child's Christmas even more special? Make these ideas part of your Christmas traditions and you'll be sure to pass on this magical Christmas feeling to your kids.

1) Cook together – The gingerbread houses are always a winner. Start simple and over the years, they can become more elaborate. Another good idea is to cook your Christmas cookies in cookie cutters. You can hang them on the tree or give them as gifts. Not only are they fun, but they add to the decor!

2) Christmas Stories – Have at least one story that's yours, then read it every Christmas Eve. It does not have to be a traditional story. My mother was from Louisiana and our story was Gaston, the Green Nosed Alligator . When we go home, she reads it to us again!

3) More than cookies and milk – Leave food for reindeer! Carrots work well. If you want to make it more active, add glitter to dry oatmeal for the magic reindeer food and leave it on the lawn. (The glitter will shine in the moonlight to attract the reindeer.)

4) Let Santa Claus enter! – If you do not have a fireplace, leave a key to Santa Claus. Take an old key, attach a nice ribbon to it and hang on the door.

5) Boot Impressions – When Santa comes to us, he always makes a huge mess! The screen of the chimney is flipped and the ash is followed everywhere! Rubber garden boots work well for this one. Just dive into the ashes and leave "Santa's footprints".

6) Letter from Santa Claus – Send a personal letter to your child directly from the North Pole. Make sure to add personal touches like the achievements and items of his wish list. Santa loves to write letters!

7) Christmas Lights – For some reason, Christmas lights are one of the most magical things. Turn off all the lights of your room on the floor under the tree and enjoy!

8) Jingle Bells – Early on Christmas morning, after all the presents are out, sneak past your child's room. (Make sure your child knows that they should stay in their room until the day.) Get ready for excitement when they tell you how they heard Santa Claus last night !

9) Homemade Gifts a great way to spend time with your little ones! Cookie packs, homemade ornaments and chocolate-soaked coffee spoons are all simple but wonderful gifts to do together!

10) Countdown Days – Making a Creative Advent Calendar can help your child spend the holidays! One way to do this is to make a paper chain calendar by cutting 25 strips of construction paper and linking them together to form a chain. Children can then remove a link every day until Christmas.

One of my favorites is to buy 25 low miniature markers and use writing paint to label each day. Place a small candy or prize for each child in each stocking. Every day, your child can take the bottom of the day and receive a small gift!

Spending time with your child is the most magical gift of all. Christmas is one of the best times to focus on your kids and make new traditions and new memories that they will cherish all their lives!


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