10 Proven Tips for Men to Arouse Women

10 Proven Tips for Men to Arouse Women Using Minimal Sexual Touch


The art of dating and being considered a great lover involves behaving in a way that she is not used to by most men. The reason women do not know these effective strategies is that most men do not know them and do not practice them. 10 excitement tips are provided to help you learn and put into practice what women are looking for. With years of experience as a psychologist working with couples and women, I have published for you some of their secrets that drive them.

1) Dress well, stay clean and stay in shape. A woman will always notice what you are wearing at home and in bed. Do not think that a t-shirt and boxers will arouse it. Dressing well in his daily life sends him the message you like about your appearance. Maintaining good hygiene is paramount. Do not just wash and brush regularly, make sure you have a fresh breath when you plan to spend a night of sexual pleasure.

2) Discussions about the sex of women can be very different from what many men like. Although some women like direct sex discussions such as “I want to be in you now,” most women like indirect sex discussions such as “I think you are beautiful” or “I want to make you love” “. Women tend to prefer the subtle ways to let her know that you want to have sex with her.

3) Do not forget the rest of his body. To excite a woman, always start by touching, caressing, kissing and / or licking parts of her body other than her “sexual parts”. Ask your woman what parts of her body she finds sensitive and start there. The longer you stay without touching your sexual areas, it will always be good for you.

4) The kiss is the first step to excite a woman when foreplay is about to begin. Begin to kiss slowly and begin by first kissing parts of your body such as your neck, forehead and cheeks. Do not start kissing her deeply unless you are absolutely sure she is ready to kiss her deeply. A light kiss accompanied by a deep look is always a good first step.

5) The heart of a woman goes through her stomach. Although we usually talk about men, being a good cook and preparing meals that she will enjoy can often wake her up for later in the evening. Serve him an excellent meal. Whether it’s a breakfast in bed or a late-night snack, she’ll always be impressed to present her meal.

6) Indirect sexual touching may arouse a woman’s desire more than you think. Many men go immediately to the female clitoris or engage in penetration. Indirect clitoral contact around her pubic bone, her thighs and her outer vaginal lips will always push her to be excited for deeper sexual foreplay.

7) Self-confidence awakens women. Brag, arrogance and arrogance never light a woman. Instead, self-confidence is exemplified by the understanding that she is more than a sexual object. Communicating this fact regularly will make you believe that you trust yourself. If you do this regularly, you will have more confidence in becoming physical.

8) Inject humor into your sexual foreplay. Women love a man who can be funny and comical before and during foreplay. This is not to say that you should perform a routine of humor, but feel comfortable to be jovial sends him the message that you appreciate his company.

9) Create an atmosphere. Women really appreciate images, sounds and smells. Simply turning down the lights, putting on romantic music and / or lighting aromatic candles can sexually stimulate one’s senses.

10) Listen, Listen, Listen. What is most erotic for a woman, is how much a man listens to it. Since women are social creatures, showing her that you are a good listener will always awaken her senses and send her the message you want more than her body.

These 10 councils will work for a vast majority of women. These tips come from my years of working as a psychologist, counseling couples and women. Nearly 90% of the women I counseled told me that they want men to treat them in the way suggested above. The more you practice advice, the more likely you are to be perceived as a great person and love.


Source by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy. D.

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