10 tips to close your old PVC windows and doors


With many double glazing companies giving guarantees and warranties for 10 years, there will be no guarantee as long on the silicone seals of windows and doors.

Therefore, depending on the quality of the silicone, it can begin to perish, discolor, peel off, shrink and reveal spaces or simply start to fall!

Most homeowners dread the idea of ​​redoing double glazing themselves or even bathrooms elsewhere.

But with a few simple tips, you can surprise yourself with the finish you can reach and protect your home from water damage for its mall quantity.

If the windows have white PVC trim, either treat them as part of the window, or gently remove the silicone that adheres to them and stick them with the silicone.

1) Buy a rigid scraper to remove existing silicone

2) Do not use a sharp chisel because you could end up slicing nicks in window frames in PVC.

3) Buy top quality solvent from a local UPVC dealer or point of sale. If they do not sell it, they will know where.

4) Buy a kitchen roll or use large rolls made for this purpose from the PVC window supplier.

5) Starting from a ground floor, a small window begins with removing the old silicone.

If the quality of the silicone is bad, it can come in one piece. Pay special attention to the masonry also as it will be unsightly if left.

using a small hammer and tapping the scraper on the surface of the brick will gradually take it.

6) Once the sealant is removed, there may be some residue and some small pieces, remove it with the solvent and a paper towel. At this point, it would be a good idea to clean the entire window, as well as the glass using a glass cleaner. The window is ready to be sealed. Do not use solvent on finished wood grain windows, for these you can clean with a spray on the oil.

7) There are two options now depending on the number of spaces around the window.

Option A)

Using masking tape, carefully tape the sides of the window that needs to be sealed. leaving a space of 5mm so that the silicone can hang on the window frame. Using this technique, there will be no mess and will give a standard finish in which you want to use color.

option B)

Using clear, clear silicone and straight seal – this is probably for someone who has a little experience of sealing sealant on a DIY level, although it's probably giving the best finish. The clear silicone will not show up if you make a mistake and if you have not honed the brick carefully, it has the advantage of not catching dirt like white. And your white PVC windows and doors will look great for many years longer than any other color.

8) When choosing option A or B, take your silicone tip and cut to the size of the space you want to seal. Attach instead of the silicone cartridge into the sealant and you are ready to start sealing.

9) The secret trick about silicone sealing is the consistency and constant pressure required … and when. Keep an eye on how quickly the gap is seals because it will change up and down. Remember that you can put more on, but will really fight and make a mess if you put too much on … Take your time.

10) Use only the weight of your finger to smooth it. You can either lick and wet your finger to smooth it and wipe the excess on the paper roll. Or alternately spray the silicone seal with the glass cleaner or water spray bottle, and use it to smooth it out. If you do not wet the surface of the silicone first, it will catch on your finger and slip.

Finally remove the masking tape or clean the edges of the straight seams with the paper roll. And PVC double glazing should be ready and good for at least 5 years +. Always try to buy the best quality silicone that you can find because it will make the difference in looks and durability. Use the Internet to search for the best rating you can find and ask your provider for a discount for multiple purchases.

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