10 Tips to Help You Maintain Good Health


As we all begin to age a bit, we begin to realize that maintaining a good health is becoming more and more of a priority and less of an indulgence. Why? The simplest answer is that as advances and advances in medicine occur, our quality of life begins to improve. And with that, our lifetimes are also positively affected and they become longer and longer. This is great news for all of us! We live longer so that we can enjoy our friends, family and recreation longer.

But the trick depends on a small thing: our health. Living longer is good, but if it is not healthy, then one starts to question the effectiveness or the need for better medicine. The good news is that it's not difficult to make the changes needed to improve and maintain your good health. Here are the 10 best ways to help you stay healthy:

1. Get a lot of quality, a restful sleep. Most adults need a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but some of them rely on as little as 6 hours while others will need 9 hours. The number of hours is important, but not as important as the time you go to bed. Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth twice every hour after midnight. You will feel a big difference if you sleep between 10 pm and 6 am rather than between noon and 8 am

2. Drink lots of clean water. Water is essential to the proper functioning of our body and is intimately linked to every organ and every process of our body. Without this, our bodies will become slow and slow both inside and out. Aim for at least 10 glasses of water a day, plus if you plan to drink caffeinated beverages or plan to be out on hot or warm days.

3. Engage in an activity based on exercise or movement that stimulates your heart. Cardio-vascular exercise as well as strength training of any type are necessary factors for maintaining health because they keep the body strong, fit and flexible to meet any challenge you throw it at . Aim for a general total of 30 minutes minimum of exercise each day, either in one fight or split throughout the day.

4. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Be creative, use variety and find a way to add these nutritional powers to every meal. They are rich in nutrients, minimal on calories and are full of flavor as well as fiber. Concentrate on dark, leafy greens, especially on heart health, fluidity of the digestive system and abundant energy.

5. Find and eat an adequate amount of protein, leaving room for this source of protein to adapt to your lifestyle goals and your physical needs. Decide for yourself whether you need animal or non-animal protein sources or both. Most active adults need about 45-60 grams of protein a day. This will change depending on the level of activity as well as the age itself. Imagine an egg, about 16 grams of protein. Half a cup of beans, about 7 grams of protein.

6. Maintain healthy interpersonal relationships Healthy relationships will greatly improve your quality of life. You will know that they are healthy if you feel encouraged, supported and loved, as opposed to beaten, exhausted or emotionally exhausted. Decide for yourself if someone or something should stay in your life and in what capacity it will be.

7. Have something to live on, something that helps you feel alive, vital and part of something bigger than you. It could be a career, volunteer work, your spirituality, your creativity, absolutely nothing. You could be active in sports, games, in your family, everything you need to feel necessary, special and useful.

8. To go to the doctor. Get regular checks. Do it. Know what you are dealing with and allow yourself to be proactive.

9. Leave a space for forgiveness, not only for others but also for yourself. The quickest way to be unhealthy or not to feel oneself is to wallow in feelings of sadness, anger, despair and pity. Let yourself be human, leave space for mistakes – yours and others – and be strong enough to let go.

10. Fill your fun quota every day to overflow. Use this pleasure as a way to do something for yourself, reduce stress and create memories that you will find fondly.

It may seem like health is a daunting task, but in reality, it's just to be alive every day. It's about being fully alive every moment and doing the things that make your body feel good, make your heart feel alive and make you grateful every moment of every day.


Source by Annette Nack

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