10 Unique Things to Do During Thailand Tourism


Thailand is one of the best countries in Asia. Not only is the country incredibly beautiful and its culture is very warm, but the amount of activities you can do here is simply supernatural and addictive. There is no doubt that the tourism sector in Thailand has grown rapidly.

Here are some of the most interesting things your vacation packages can offer you in this exciting country:

i. Visit the sharks: what was the last time you really got close to these giant and dangerous sharks? Maybe never! But the Siam Ocean World in Bangkok (capital of Thailand) gives you a fantastic chance to literally hit these sea monsters. There is this water reservoir built inside the ocean where you can walk and enjoy a live underwater show. Only a sheet of thick glass separates you from these monstrous jaws!

ii. Visit Elephants and Crocodiles: When you are in Bangkok, be sure to visit the famous Elephant and Crocodile Farm in Samphran, where you can watch elephant-themed shows. their mortal movements.

iii. Visit Lumpini Park: Your vacation package also offers you a relaxing visit to Lumpini Park where you can go for a walk, jog or bike ride. Its freshness and greenery will certainly leave an impression in your heart.

iv. Snake King Tour: Bangkok's Snake Park is hosting special shows in which a man surprises King Cobra, the king of snakes, without any protective gear. The show is both informative and breathtaking!

v. Yoga: Thailand tourism is also known for its yoga centers, Ayurveda treatment centers and massage parlors. This trip can be a perfect excuse to learn some holistic yoga tips.

vi. Go to Koh Kret Island: Koh Kret is a small island a few minutes by boat from Bangkok. He is known for his culture and his markets. Taking a day trip to the island of Koh Kret is highly recommended by those who have witnessed its simplistic beauty.

vii. Driving the Tuk Tuk: Your vacation packages also allow you to ride with the Tuk Tuk, an innovative vehicle, small and easy to use. It can easily sneak up even in the narrowest lanes and is an experience that deserves to have good memories.

viii. Visit Dream World: The Thailand holiday package also includes a lot of fun in your itinerary. The famous amusement park known as Dream World & # 39; is definitely a must visit, especially if you want to have a roller coaster ride through these gravity defying rides.

ix. Head to a floating market: those who visit Thailand also bring back pleasant memories of floating markets (floating markets on the water) where you can buy artifacts and food. The floating market of Khlong Lat Mayom is highly recommended.

x. Freak yourself at the weirdest museum: The Forensic Museum is really very weird in Bangkok and can be another type of experience – freaky and squeamish! Do not miss it, whatever happens!


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