14 Makeup Tips to Improve Facial Beauty


When we consider the beauty of the face, it is important to understand which cosmetics to apply.

As each individual has unique skin characteristics, there is no single cosmetic product that can be used for everyone.

different according to the makeup method that the person practices.

Here are some makeup tips that can be applied to make you more attractive.

1. Discover the basic or cosmetic colors that look as good as possible to your complexion. An acceptable makeup color is when others do not notice it as you use it.

2. Always make use of moisturizer before using the base for a smoother facial expression.

3. Apply the base to the lips and eyes all the time.

4. Place the powder on the liquid foundations (if applicable)

5. Regarding the blush, shades are the most beneficial for tanned skin, while light colors are for clear skin.

6. The lipstick should match the complexion and mascara.

7. A darker or stronger shade of lipstick is suggested for a well-formed mouth. In addition, keep your eyes looking soft and clean.

8. Make the most of a daily cleaning routine to better make up your makeup.

9. Apply less eye makeup during the day and more for the night. It is advisable to choose a make-up for the eyes according to your lifestyle or your event.

10. Green eyeshadow in reality reveals almost all the colors of the eyes. Feel free to experiment on this by mixing the eyeshadow with different shades in the corners.

11. Always remove makeup before going to bed

12. Natural products are necessary for prone acne.

13. Scars on the face can be recovered by vitamin E. Tan can also reduce the appearance of the scar.

14. Good skin care is crucial. It is best to regularly consult your dermatitis doctor about the cosmetic use for your skin.


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