16 tips to define a submissive woman


When men are looking for women, especially when they are on the lookout for a night, the most important quality that they are looking for in a woman is that she be submitted. How do you know if this woman is submissive? Check and make sure that there are some of the features found in the women below:

  1. She holds her chin down.
  2. Eye contact is evasive.
  3. She smiles excessively.
  4. She nods excessively when you speak
  5. She leans toward you to grab every word.
  6. She shows signs of self-control – small touches to her hair, clothes, etc.
  7. Pushes a quick and nervous laugh at the end of his own speech, maintaining eye contact "
  8. She raises her eyebrows.
  9. She smiles without showing her teeth.
  10. She suppresses her smile by lowering her head.
  11. She shows incongruous reflections
  12. She uses palm gestures upwards.
  13. Sincerely in 'performance & # 39; speaking, she uses expression and gestures while speaking but she's She makes a gesture with her hands at shoulder height or higher.
  14. She uses gestures of the embrace arm
  15. She makes tactile gestures of "verification" that follow your eye movement. An example is that you look at her nose and she touches it a second later.

For males who are on the hunt, sex is not usually prompted by the submissive female. Men must ask for it intelligently, definitely. In terms of response, she can display different nerve signals, but then submit quickly and quietly.

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