20 Quick and Easy Make-Up Tips


Here are quick and easy makeup tips. Anyone can use them because they do not target anyone with special features.

– If you do not have time to do a full makeup, but want to look good. Paint on a bright red lipstick. At least, its joyous and glamorous color will immediately brighten your face.

– Sweep a little loose powder under your eyes as you apply dark shadows to catch falling spots and prevent them from staining your skin.

– Make your lips bigger by wearing a light and light lipstick. Or make them look small by wearing dark and dull colors.

– If you do not have a specialized contouring product for the cheeks, simply use a regular face powder that has two shades darker than the usual color to soften the cheeks.

– Add a drop of witch hazel available in all good pharmacies to turn an ordinary base into a medicated base, it will work wonders on oily skin, which is prone to acne and pimples.

– Mascara your eyelashes before applying fake ones to help them stick properly.

– If you look tired, mix some concealer right outside the corner of the eye – this will give you the look of having a good night's sleep.

– Never use makeup before drying your hair – the heat from the dryer can make you sweat and smudge your makeup.

– The color of the eye shadow powder can be made more intense by first quenching the eyebrow in the water.

– Keep eyelashes smooth and supple by brushing them with petroleum jelly before going to bed at night.

– Apply the cream blush in gentle downward movements to prevent it from creasing in color spots from catching it in the fine hairs of your face.

– If mascara tends to clog on the lower lashes, try using a small, thin brush to paint the individual lash color.

– Make sure to allow time for the moisturizer to flow before you start applying your makeup, as this will help your makeup to continue more easily.

– If your eyeliner is too hard and slips your skin, hold it next to a lighter bulb for a few seconds before applying it.

– Lip gloss may seem sophisticated if you simply apply a dot in the center of your lower lip.

– If you do not know where to apply the blush, gently pinch your cheeks. If you like the effect, apply the blush in the same area.

– To prevent lipstick from getting stuck, try this trick. After donning it, put your finger in your mouth, pinch your lips and remove it.

– Women who wear glasses need special tips on makeup. If you're nearsighted, your glasses will make your eyes look smaller. So, opt for brighter eye shadows and lots of mascara to make sure they do not go away.

– A small base lightly rubbed through your eyebrows and brushed with an old toothbrush will instantly brighten them.

– For long-lasting blush on sunny days or warm nights, apply cream and blush powder. Apply the cream first, set with translucent powder and then sprinkled with a little powder.

Have fun discovering your new colors.


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