20 ways to save on heating and cooling


Even though it is the largest household energy expense, most Americans waste more money than they need for heating and cooling. . Here are 20 amazingly simple ways to reverse this trend.

1. Turn on the ceiling fan. Since they use only two percent of the energy of air conditioners, ceiling fans can dramatically reduce costs in warmer weather.

2. Cover the bare floors. Carpet and carpets increase heat retention, which means you can lower your thermostat slightly while staying hot and warm during the winter months.

3. Clean the air filter of your air conditioner. For your cooling system to run at full capacity, you must empty and clean its filter at least once a month during periods of heavy use.

4. Slowly increase the temperature of the room. Because it activates the heating tape and wastes an incredible amount of energy, it is not advisable to increase the temperature of your heat pump quickly.

5. Interior doors open. Instead of heating and cooling a small space at a high cost, open the interior doors to increase airflow and energy efficiency.

6. Close unused openings. Because air conditioning will inevitably escape through open vents, those in unoccupied areas should be closed.

7. Turn down the thermostat at night. Studies confirm that most people sleep better when a room is slightly cooler than average (65-67 ° F). This doubles as they sleep under thick blankets and duvets during the winter.

8. Go by car. If you set your thermostat to Auto, your air conditioner will not run continuously, which will save you a lot of money.

9. Close the chimney. If your fireplace is equipped with a fireplace, be sure to close the duct before cold weather occurs.

10. Have your ductwork checked. According to the Ministry of Energy, about 30 to 40% of the air conditioning circulating in the ducts escapes by leaks. Having them repaired can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

11. Add insulation to the walls. Putting more pink stuff will help keep the warm air from infiltrating through the walls when the mercury rises.

12. Open blinds and blinds. When it shines directly on the windows, solar energy can increase the temperature in any room, which allows you to save money on heating costs .

13. Add insulation to the attic. Put even more pink things in the upper room prevents cold air from escaping.

14. Lower your thermostat when you leave. There is no reason to keep your home hot and grilled when you are away. It is simply a waste of money!

15. Close the blinds and curtains. Since it can heat a space, it is important to block direct sunlight by covering windows and glass doors.

Do not block the ventilation openings. If you cover them with curtains or furniture, clogged vents will probably not warm your interior space.

17. Decorate with lighter colors. Because light shades do not absorb as much heat, they can keep your indoor space a degree or two colder.

18. Switch to a more efficient heat pump. This one tip could save you up to 50% on your bills during the winter.

19. Go to the central air. They can cost a nice penny to install, but central AC systems are much more efficient than window units.

20. Check for leaks. Leaks in windows, doors and other openings could cost you a fortune in wasted energy.

Even if you only use a handful of these tips, they should save you on your heating and cooling costs in the future.


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