3 factors that directly affect a residential design plan


Having one's own home is every man's dream. A house is a place where we spend quality time of our life with our family members. The very design of the building is directly responsible for the type of comfort we receive in our home.

If the plan of the house is functional and that it creates a harmony with the environment, then the building of the house built with bricks and mortar has an ethical value and only then can it provide comfort
pure. Let's take a look at the factors that govern the house plan.

1) Entourage influencing the characteristic.

The plan of the house will have a direct impact of certain surrounding features. Some examples are.

* Seaside

* River

* Railway Line

* Hippodrome

The presence of any one of them will directly affect the comfort levels of residents of the house, from where the provisions necessary to restore comfort levels will be carried out during the planning phase

Sometimes it will be necessary to cut off the extra noise (like a railway line), but in some cases, more exposure will be provided (like the seaside) in the plane of the house.

2) Topology of the earth.

The meaning of the topology is the nature of the land where the building of the house will be built. The topology of the earth includes its shape in the plane as well as in the elevation.

If the plot is not exactly rectangular, it will also affect the building plan. In addition, if the land is on the side of a hill, excessive suspicion will be made to respect the topology
of the land during the planning phase of the design of the house.

3) Budget

The budget is indeed a very important factor in planning the design of the house. Lack of budgets will affect the reduced "built-up area" of the house. In some cases, complete manipulation of certain areas may also be necessary to meet the budget.

Apart from these three, there are many small factors that govern how your house plan will end. I've tried to share some thoughts that govern during the startup phases of the house design.

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