3 reasons to choose double glazed replacement windows


There are many products on the market when you're looking for replacement windows, and it's easy to get overflowed; vinyl, wood, aluminum, plated, unplated, colored, and not all the concepts you need to absorb and understand. While the industry may have its debts on the merit of one material rather than another, there is no debt at all on the benefits of double glazing.

What is double glazing?

In other words, double glazing consists of using two windows in a window, separated by a small space. The gap between the poles is sealed, and sometimes a gas, such as argon, is placed in the gap with a drying agent to prevent moisture buildup between the panes. This forms an insulation layer that is very productive to reduce the transfer of energy between the inside of your home and the outside as well as to decrease the transfer of sound.

Why go to Trouble?

At the simplest level, double glazing brings the loss of energy to your heating or cooling systems. Up to 60% of the energy lost by houses comes out of single glazed windows. Once you replace your windows with double glazed units, you can expect a 10 to 12% drop in your electricity costs; which helps you recover the costs of the investment.

Enhanced Security

Double glazed windows also improve safety. Each is equipped with its own locking mechanism making the break-in much more difficult. Tempered glass is also particularly difficult to break.

The cost of renovating the entire house

It is estimated that replacing all windows in a house will cost you around $ 10,000. It's a lot of money, but when you consider that replacement windows recover up to 84% of their price when you go to sell the house. When you add your energy savings and the fact that the government currently offers a tax credit of 30% of your cost, up to $ 1,500, the windows will pay off in a few years .

Concerns about Old Double Glazed Windows

Over time, even the best windows are affected by the elements, decantation and wear. If you observe the moisture between the windows of your old double glazed windows, it means that the airtight seal is broken. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair such damage and the window will need to be replaced.

Find the Right Contractor

Because double glazed replacement windows have become so popular, there has been an increase in the number of shady individuals entering the market. These contractors offer low quality windows that are likely to collapse quickly. It is tempting to go with these less expensive options, but do not succumb.

Find a local entrepreneur; one who is familiar with the Houston area and its climate. Make sure they are licensed, insured, experienced and that they have already served in the area. Ask for recent references and check them before committing to a renovation project. Finally, make sure they only install double glazed windows.

Energy-efficient, attractive and easy-to-use double glazed windows will add value and beauty to your home.


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