3 Secret Strategies for Making Your Wife Give You Head


How to get your wife to give you a head

Hey man,

So you do not know how to make your wife give you your head more often, if not more. Do not worry, you can do some things that will make your head a lot more interesting for her. I will give you 3 secret strategies for brainwashing your woman giving you head on demand! It may sound foolish, but support me. The reality is that your wife would be happier if she gave you her head every day, she just does not know it yet. Let's put it to business;)

1. The first strategy is the "Fear" strategy. Here is how it works. It contains two parts. The first part is crucial for your wife to give you the head: you must become as valuable as possible for your wife. It must depend on you for something. It can be money, power, or just emotionally. If she needs you, she will do anything to keep you. It's there that you have power over it. This may seem cruel, but I guarantee you that it is in his best interest. Your job is to make yourself as valuable as possible. Get a better job, earn more money than she, get on top of her in a way that makes her dependent on you. That's the first part, here's where the second part comes in: Fear of the loss. If you have value, other women will find you attractive and, where appropriate, your wife will know that if she does not please your sexual needs and desires, other women may take you and to get away from it. She will do anything to stop that. It's a way of making your wife give you your head more often.

2. The second strategy is the "reciprocity" method. Here is how it works. Do not expect anything if you never give anything. Give, and you will get. Start by eating your wife at least twice a week. Eat it outside as there was no tomorrow. If you can give her the best sex possible, she will do anything to keep you. Plus, having a good sex will make you more valuable to her. Not only that, but she will feel that she owes you something and that she must repay you with a lot of head. This is a very effective strategy for your wife to crush you.

3. The third persuasive strategy is what I call "brainwashing". You must wash her brain to give you more head, little by little, and sooner or later, she will love giving you the head and you will feel like doing it forever. She will initiate the fellatio herself. How can you wash his brain to enjoy the pipes? You use the reward system. Whenever she does something you love and want her to keep doing, you reward her. Reward her with compliments, kisses, help in the house, flowers, whatever you want – just do it AFTER doing what you want, not before. It is very very important. Reward her always AFTER giving you her head, not before. Do not use cheap persuasion strategies to force it to give you a head … they do not work.

Here are some basic tips that will help you get your wife to give you a head. Also be sure to check out my other articles that will also help you improve your sex life.



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