3 Signs That She Wants You – Decoding a Woman's Body Language and Words


Are you confused about whether the girl you see really wants to be with you? Did you know that you can determine the signs that she wants you by her way of speaking and acting towards you? Do you want to know how to interpret his words and actions to see if the feeling is reciprocal? Trying to determine what a woman is really trying to communicate through her body language and her words can be difficult for some men. However, by understanding and knowing how to identify the three signs she wants to see you when you see them, hear them or feel them, deciphering a woman's true desires will not be so difficult after all.

1. Touch: One of the signs that she wants to see you can be identified by her way of touching you, talking to you or doing nothing at all. A woman associated with you will use even the smallest opportunities to get your hands on you, literally. From banging on the shoulder, to a playful punch, to touching you while she's laughing or touching your hair, here are some of the indicators that can reveal her true feelings. Also, notice how close she is to you each time you sit or stand together.

2. She is asking for important women in your life. This indicates that she wants to know if you are married, in a relationship with someone else or if you are interested in someone else. Basically, she just wants to know if you are available or not.

3. Does she and is able to maintain eye contact? This is a sign that you should not take for granted as this indicates that she is paying attention to you and that she wants to know you more. If she does it with the numbers 1 and 2, it means that she is serious and that she really wants you.


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