3 simple tips to build houses of your own success


Build houses of your own is a computer game where you are handed over to get a loan, select and buy property, design And build a house and sell it for a profit. There are three levels for play, urban or suburban, rivers and lakes, and coast. For each progressive level, you will receive a larger loan for your budget. On the third level, Coastline, you will receive a loan of more than one million dollars.

Engineering technology Engineering is the main objective of the software. It is intended to be as close as possible to the real world situations in the construction house industry. Many students in education technology and engineering class use this software to learn the steps to planning and building a home.

Here are some of the main tips to succeed in building your own game. Remember that you are not designing the house for yourself. You will get different situations depending on the location of the property you choose. Most designing something they would like to live by ignoring the demographics of the surrounding area. The surrounding houses and neighborhoods are great clues to which you can sell your home. You must verify the demographic data for the information surrounding your property. For example, the average age of the population is very important. You do not want to build a skate park in the backyard of an area where the average age is 65 and over.

Secondly, when designing your floor plan and interior remember that you are trying to make a profit on the property. Your profit is the amount of money over what you spend on building the house. For example, if you are designing a very large home with the most expensive interior choices, you will not be able to make as much profit on your property.

Third, planning your home design decisions is the most critical step that most people neglect. There are three phases of planning that you must consider. The "phase of the site", where you will find and buy your property. The "construction phase", where you decide your floor plan, outside and inside. The "sales phase", where you advertise and sell your home to potential buyers.

Your home will be judged by the amount of profit you make on your property. You need to be able to find good buyers by checking their credit information. They will be rejected by the bank for a home loan to buy your property if they have bad credit. A score of 70% or higher means you can move on to the next level. Do not forget these tips and tricks to reach the next level when you are playing home building your own.



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