3 Steps to Natural Summer Makeup


Summer sentences triturate free makeup. A naturally pretty look that would not break when you sweat. Something that requires little maintenance and looks good on the beach.

The problem is that nude and carefree makeup is much more difficult to achieve than a painted face. How do you use makeup and do you look like you were born that way?

Start by taking care of your skin now. Your body is made up of what you eat and drink. Eat junk food and drink a lot of sweet sparkling water and caffeine, and that's what your body has to work for. Your skin reflects the state of your health. If your body is full of junk, your skin is likely to be uneven, confusing or at least far from its best. You could get away with it when you're young, but sooner or later your excesses will catch up.

Pass the cola. Drink lots of water, spring water or mineral water instead. Get a bottle of mineral water of two liters, or fill a 2 liter bottle with clean water and make a point for the end of here by the end of the day. If you can not tolerate flat water, squeeze a lemon and add this lemon juice to your water to flavor it. This would give your body a chance to clean up the garbage.

Then, reduce this junk food. Oily fries with an oily hamburger will charge your body with more fat. If your skin is spotted, it may be helpful to reduce fat and sugar. By the way, bacteria like sugar and you can thank the bacteria for those infected spots on your face. Stop feeding the bacteria, keep your hands and hair off your face and let your skin recover. Summer makeup is best done with good skin, so the sooner you start, the better for you.

Now for makeup. If you take care of your skin, putting on this natural beach makeup would be very simple.

Step 1 – Perfect with concealer

Depending on the condition of your skin, you may or may not need a concealer. If your skin is beautiful, just use a tinted moisturizer [http://www.cosmetics-online.org/healthdetails.php?brand=tinted&genericword=moisturizer] to add color to your face. Choose a shade as close to your natural paint as possible.

If you have zits, use a brush and dab a bit on top. If you have dark rings, hide them also with a concealer. Use as little as possible to keep your appearance natural.

Step 2 – Paint with Lipstick

Make your lips perfectly kissable. The soft, pink lips that shine in the sun are perfect for the summer … and all year round.

You'll need a touch of lipstick to add color to your naked face. Opt for a nice color like coral, pink or a soft pink. The trick is to look in the mirror and see the color inside the lip. Choose your lipstick in a color similar to that of the most natural and beautiful look.

Take a lip brush and paint on the lipstick. Start by drawing the outline of your lips with the lip brush, then fill it. Dab the lipstick with a tissue paper, then apply again. This would help the color stay longer. Slick on a lip gloss to shine on the entire lips, or at least on the center of your lower lip to make your lips look fuller.

Step 3 – Highlight with Mascara

Bring attention to your eyes. Your eyes are your best asset. Especially when framed by lush eyelashes. Since it is summer, opt for a waterproof mascara. Make sure you get a good eye makeup remover to remove every night before sleeping.

Prepare a clean mascara bag to separate your lashes. You can wash and dry the wand of an old mascara, or you can buy an eyelash comb.

Apply mascara to your upper lashes. Then, touch some mascara on your lower lashes with the tip of your mascara wand. Separate the lashes with a clean mascara brush or baguette and allow the mascara to dry. Once the mascara is completely dry, you can apply a second coat if you want more dramatic lashes. Also separate the eyelashes after this second coat.


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