3 Tips on Beauty Wellness


Tips # 1 Health and Beauty Wellness

A well-balanced diet means foods from 5 different groups, such as animal protein, meats, carbohydrates, vitamins and vitamins. Low fat fats, fats are needed especially when you are taking high fiber foods, otherwise they will be too dry or dehydrated for your body.

Tips N ° 2 Sleep

Once you have enough sleep. Not everyone needs 8 hours of sleep, some people will be away during the day or between low level activities. Some people only sleep for 4 hours without broken sleep means waking up between and of course no dream in sleep. That is, adequate sleep, in other words – SLEEP OF QUALITY also SLEEP OF BEAUTY

About sleep, but there are people unable to sleep or sleep well or have insomnia. many more ways to make your beauty sleep. Therefore, quality sleep is very important for everyone and for the body.

Tips # 3 Exercise

To stay healthy, everyone must do something so that their heart can pump well for their cardiovascular system, while at home they can also work their body. Some parts of your body, of course, if you can jog, walking is also a good form of exercise or swimming, weather permitting and also the weather as these are outdoors.
Interior, watch TV scheduled, do not sit there, you can raise your arms, shake and lift the legs, that's good too. In addition, you will enjoy sitting and standing during the break.


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