3 Tips That Always Work to Give Any Woman an Orgasm


Practice and knowledge will make you a great lover. All women are able to achieve different types of breathtaking orgasms. In this article, I share with you 3 tips that always give an orgasm to my wife.

If necessary, foreplay is the secret sauce to give an orgasm to any woman . Preliminaries are perhaps the most important thing to do to get your wife to a quick orgasm. Fast, in terms of woman, does not reach orgasm in one or two minutes as you can. So, to begin, this article explains how to always give an orgasm to a woman. If it was about you, the article would be too short: penetrate it, enter and get out as fast as you can and in one minute you'll be done!

A woman can reach a quick orgasm once she is in an orgasm. state of mind. This is why foreplay is so important.

If you learn and practice foreplay techniques, your wife will inevitably have an orgasm. In other articles, I will write about the different types of female orgasms, such as clitoral orgasms, vaginal orgasms, mixed orgasms, and so on.

Preliminaries involve stimulating one's body and mind. The last thing you want to do is go right back to her vagina and her nipples. I know, this is the first place you want to go, but again, if you want her to reach orgasm, you have to create a strong sexual desire and push her before opening the "doors of paradise" … you know what I mean ..

Stimulate her body by slowly massaging, caressing and kissing her everywhere, except her vagina and nipples. Get close to her nipples, her clitoris and the lips of her vagina, but avoid direct contact with them for at least 20 to 30 minutes. After that, simply stop and kiss her nipples and stimulate her clitoris for a few seconds, then find her body. By teasing her in this way, you create in her a growing and almost desperate desire to penetrate her and kiss her. She will even beg you to penetrate her … but not for the moment.

At the same time, you must also stimulate your mind. Talk dirty with her. Tell her how she excites you. Tell him how hard your penis is, to the point of almost exploding. Tell her how much you want her and how hot she feels. Tell him how much you wanted him when you saw him at _____ (fill in the blanks). Tell him how beautiful and exciting each part of his body is to you. Be bold, a little wild and "bad". Show him that you are in control. Be and act like an alpha male. This will turn it on more than anything else. She will react by highlighting her most feminine and feminine side.

Do not begin your preliminaries in bed . If you plan to have sex in bed, that's where sex ends and not the beginning. Choose a place where you will both be dressed and can only distinguish and touch his body. You can even start by going to a public place where all you can do is kiss and touch, but discreetly. In a public place, you have no chance to penetrate it. So it's a good idea to choose a place that creates a real barrier between you and the penetration.

Believe me, if you activate it with these techniques and bring it to almost a boiling point, when you go to bed – or wherever you decide to go to bed. have sex – she is already in such an orgasmic state that she will quickly reach orgasm.

Hot Foreplay

When you are in a private place and before taking your clothes off, insert your fingers into her vagina and stimulate her clit with your tongue or with your other hand and get her a pleasure instantaneous. Your tongue can cause your woman to have an extremely fast orgasm.

Council No. 2. V igor – strength – endurance, AKA stamina . If you learn to control your mind so that it lasts longer, it will also allow you to control your own desire during foreplay, which will bring your daughter to an extremely fast orgasm too.

As I learn to support moving fast and hard without stopping, I'll enjoy it quickly, sometimes in seconds. That's how endurance gives him the feeling of your rocky manhood. Remember that this will happen towards the end of the sexual relationship, which started a few hours ago with foreplay.

Tip # 3. Find out about 's positions and where she is for the greatest pleasure; therefore, you can position your body to penetrate properly. If you are poorly positioned, it will not reach orgasm. Here are three great positions that allow women to have quick and great orgasms:

1. G-Drive. You stand or kneel before her while she is lying on her back, legs on her shoulders. Put a pillow on the lower part of his back. This position allows you to rub and stimulate your G-spot, which quickly leads to orgasm.

2. Body Surfing She lies face down putting a pillow under her belly. The penetrate from behind with your legs around it. Go up and down and bring her to a breathtaking orgasm.

3. Toggle release. She sits on your legs and in turn, she controls her movements and, of course, her pleasure. Soon, his convulsive orgasm will shake his body frantically in his heyday

As you can see, order the right methods and lead your daughter to a quick climax. Learn the right positions, how to master your stamina and the tools you can use during foreplay; you will observe any girl reach orgasms quickly and regularly. Practice and succeed in helping your daughter achieve quick orgasms.


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