3 Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite


Today, I will explain how and why cellulite takes root and what you can do to fix it.

The scourge of some women can make skin less attractive and, according to what has been said, force some women to change the clothes they choose to wear. to buy and to wear.

Cellulite causes bumps or "orange peel" on the surface of the skin. You will find mainly cellulite on the hips, thighs and legs, but you can also find it on the belly, arms and chest.

Cellulite is often accompanied by stretch marks. It is also associated with circulation problems, swelling and water retention (edema). None of them is desirable in any way.

Some women find that cellulite is a massive trust drainer that can negatively affect their lives.

Cellulite is not harmful and is sometimes called cosmetic condition.

I know people who have painful cellulite that is sensitive to touch, most people want to get rid of it for aesthetic reasons.

I believe that cellulite is indicative of other problems in the body and is certainly not a sign of healthy tissue.

We will discuss the roles of food, exercise, hormones, circulation, dehydration, and water retention, all of which play a role.

Cellulite is not exclusive to overweight people, many thin women also suffer from it.

Even Supermodels and Olympic athletes have it.

What are the causes of cellulite?

The causes of cellulite are multiple.

Anatomically or structurally, cellulitis is caused by fibrous connective cords, made of collagen, which bind the skin to the underlying muscle.

As fat cells swell, they grow against the attached skin and cause a lumpy or uneven appearance on the skin.

Cellulitis affects mostly women.

Cellulite does not appear overnight, it is a long-term effect that invades you over the years, not months.

If that is the case, it is because the cause lasted a while. Weight gain and / or increase in body fat would have preceded the formation of cellulite.

The causes of cellulite are interrelated.

A major problem in the formation of cellulite is the hormone – estrogen (get ready to learn a lot more about hormones, especially in the next week 's article) .

I would also say that lifestyle and toxins have a massive effect on cellulite levels. FOR THE SAME REASONS – estrogen.

For example, in the long run, eating highly processed foods will disrupt your hormones.

This, combined with other factors such as lack of exercise and dehydration, may subsequently lead to weight gain, water retention, loss of blood flow and cellulite will eventually appear on your body.

Fat cells are broken

In a general sense, fat cells do not work properly.

Toxins are supposed to be eliminated from your system by your liver. When your liver is overwhelmed, he can not do his job.

Next, the toxins present in our food and our environment are pushed back into the blood and then absorbed by the adipose cell. In the long term, high levels of pesticides and other toxins mean that the body MUST create extra fat to absorb toxins or "mop up waste".

These toxins enter the fat cells where they can be stored for many years and cause oxidation / inflammation (free radical damage).

Toxins are stored in the cell membrane and the membrane becomes hard and impermeable, making fat loss more difficult.

Constant exposure to all the toxins in the world makes your fat cells toxic, which quickly becomes cellulite.

Adipose cells are usually soft and smooth, but once these harmful toxins enter the fat cells, they become deformed.

Exercise is also an important factor in determining whether or not you will have cellulite. The more exercise you do, the less likely you are to have cellulite.

There is also ample evidence to suggest that genetics is very important in determining whether you are going to have cellulite and specifically where. Take a look at your closest family members and, if they have cellulite, there is a chance that you can get it in the same place.

Cellulite does not only affect overweight people, it can affect us all.

Many of my thinner clients suffer from cellulite and have body fat levels in excess of 35%. They are called "lean fat".

Why do some women have and others do not?

It has been suggested that collagen in the fibrous connective tissue (which attaches the skin to the underlying tissue) could be a major factor in the suffering of some women while others do not.

Collagen is formed within the body and the main substrates (or building materials) of collagen are: vitamin C, proline, lysine, glucosamine and chondrotin sulfate. So, in theory, supplementing with a product like the collagen formula would help reduce cellulite formation.

The Cellulite Scale, also called Nurnberger-Muller Scale

The steps are as follows:

The stage 0 does not show any hollow when it is elongated and a pinch test shows creases in the skin but no visible cellulite.

Step 1 does not show dimple when lying down or standing, but the skin presents cellulite when pinched.

In Stage 2, cellulite is only visible while standing but not lying down.

In Stage 3, a person has visible dimples, both standing and lying, and may have raised areas and nodules.

How do we get rid of it?

Before getting into the best ways to remove it, I would just like to say what will not work. In today's world, the obvious solution to all our problems seems to be the pill.

A pill or a cream does not help to get rid of cellulite properly and in the long run. So, ladies, please, do not waste your money with expensive tablets and lotions.

The Three Best Ways to Eliminate Cellulite:

Just a word to say that these solutions will take time. You will not be able to simply snap your fingers and cellulite is gone. It will take patience, work and commitment.

1. Detoxify your fat cells by changing your eating habits

As we know, the best way to get rid of these harmful toxins that play a huge role in the development of cellulite is to detoxify.

The main purpose of a detoxification is to cleanse the body at once. upside down and eliminate all the harmful toxins, thus allowing our body to function as it should.

As mentioned above, some of the foods we consume bring toxins into the body, which greatly influences the appearance of cellulite.

The first and most important step in eliminating cellulite from the body is simply removing unnatural processed foods from your diet.

So, give up sweets, chocolates, fried foods and soft drinks to get healthy organic natural fruits and vegetables, good quality carbohydrates and lean meat. Drink a lot of water too! This will help the detoxification process and help eliminate toxins from the body.

Hydrate yourself, drink plenty of water – about 1 liter for every 3.5 stone you weigh.

One thing we must remember is that these toxins do not only enter our body through the food we eat.

Toxins also come from alcohol, perfumes, make-up products, cleaning products and so much more. So try to use products that are safe for the environment as far as possible.

2. Exercise Plus

Cellulite is more common in the lower body. There are over 90 muscles in the lower body waiting to be strengthened and smoothed!

As mentioned earlier, pills and creams do not treat cellulite at the root, exerting a will.

Working areas effectively where cellulite exists will help improve circulation, smooth and support skin around cellulite; This will reduce the appearance and give a better look.

A well-balanced exercise program will help eliminate cellulite.

Mixing a quality cardio workout with resistance training is the best way to increase circulation in the area.

You need to focus on areas where cellulite exists. A shoulder press is not going to help cellulite on your thighs. Exercises like squats, buttocks and lunges go – indirectly.

(Please note that I do not advocate "punctual reduction" (punctual reduction is to reduce belly fat by making fat by doing squats, etc.) of the whole body, not uniformly either

Exercise is there to promote better blood circulation and tissue oxygenation and stimulate the surrounding muscles.

To give you the best chance to exercise 3-5 times a week, it is also important to rest your body between the exercise sessions.

3. Massage

The simple act of massaging the most affected areas can help reduce the appearance of the cellulite.a basic massage oil will be very cheap and much cheaper.You do not have to worry about sophisticated spa treatments or to spend a lot of money, you can do a lot of things yourself- same or ask for help from your partner / friend.I am sure that they will be more than happy!

Toxins are eliminated from our body through the lymphatic system; The pressure on the muscles stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, which helps the lymphatic system to expel toxins from our body that are stored.

Massaging with circular motions and being careful not to press too hard can cause bruising.

Make sure to massage all the affected areas, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, then you can easily get a professional massage that should not be too expensive.

So there are my three best tips for eliminating cellulite from the body. If you apply all these tips correctly, cellulite should disappear in the months and years to come. weeks.

Remember that the more the problem is exhausted, the longer it will take to get going, so be patient if necessary and if you do not do it, I'm afraid to say that it will only do that worsen in the long run.

Doing nothing is the worst thing to do. Avoid progressing through the levels, smother it as soon as possible is the best strategy.

If you've read this article, it's a good first step. Now, take action by implementing some of the tips!

Health and fitness are a way of life, and it's a great way of life.

We hope that these clothes that you have put away because you do not feel comfortable wearing them will start coming back!

Any questions please leave them below.

Work hard and good luck,



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