4 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Car Dealers


The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are extremely important for annual sales in many industries, including auto sales. More and more potential customers are shopping around the rest of the year, giving car dealers a larger market audience. The holiday shopping crowds are also in "buy mode", ready to buy items not only for friends and family, but also often for themselves. Buyers with extra vacation capital are more easily persuaded to offer a new car than at other times of the year. Whether customers' new car purchases are a special indulgence for them or a perfect gift for the whole family, the holiday season is a good opportunity for car dealerships to boost sales.

Your car dealership must have a solid marketing plan! Thanksgiving and Christmas offer a lot of fun, new ways to promote vehicles and special offers, so get creative. The more unique your marketing strategies are, the more likely they are to be successful.

These four holiday marketing ideas are a great way to kick off the sales season of your car dealerships.

1) Be festive! Show off the holiday spirit of your dealership by making your living room and your grounds bright, inviting and festive. Nothing draws the eye like bright Christmas decorations. Buy a 20 "Douglas Fir, place it in the center of your outdoor lot and decorate it with bright white lights, garlands and decorations. Hang fresh garlands, red bows and lights from the eaves and lampposts. Serve hot chocolate on the floor of the show. Unless you already have a talented person in your team who is ready and able to completely clad the rest of the outside and inside your dealership, hire a decorator to come and do it. . Show potential customers that your dealership is in the spirit of the holidays and make your living room irresistible with holiday cheer.

2) Offer a holiday sale "12 days of Christmas". Everyone loves it a lot – so why not pack 12 fantastic vehicle offers at a Christmas themed event? Rather than having a series of unrelated holiday sales events, run a 12-day Christmas sale, with an easy day offering a different type of sale. Start with smaller incentives and older vehicle models and make your way to "Twelfth Christmas Day" with larger offers, ending with a grand finale!

3) Be creative with a holiday-themed direct mail. Christmas is not the time to send the same old postcards. Send a little holiday cheer to your mailing list with authentic Christmas cards or present-day cards with a bow. Add a little money in cash to send an extra happy message.

4) Organize a contest on social networks. Offer a contest for a significant% off, or a door prize giveaway (if your candidate pool is big enough for that). Ask people to communicate with you in a specific way: ask them to finish the phrase "all I want for Christmas" on a photo, a tweet, or a video, then ask them to tell you Post their response on the Facebook wall of your dealership. a specific hashtag. Whatever your competition, be sure to create a specific landing page on your website (or Facebook event) that describes the contest details – link to that content from your social media accounts.


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