4 Proven Techniques to Excite Your Woman Using Manhandling


Women like to be dominated by a man in bed. One technique that you can use to excite your partner beyond his wildest dreams is manipulation. By giving her a little pain through physical stimulation, you will be able to maximize her psychological stimulation by using maneuvers. One thing you can do, when your girl stands near a door, is to slam it. The strength of the shot will be spread across her back, which means that she will not feel much pain. When the door closes by slamming the door and you notice it out loud, it will excite even more because of the dominant element.

Another great way is to tear off his clothes. If she is wearing an old panties, you can put your hand on it and turn it to tear it up more easily. Then hold it with one hand while you tear her panties with each other. Make sure you pull hard and sideways so that the force of the tear spreads in your hip instead of any sensitive area. It is very dominant, as if it was slammed back into a door.

Another awesome way to convey more domination is to pull your hair to the head. To use this, you need to grab his hair as close to the roots as possible and pull the head in the desired direction. When they are well interpreted, women will love this sensation. It's great when you're standing behind her sucking on her neck. You can also do this so that your daughter looks you in the eyes during sex, which will also add more emotion to your love.

Finally, a good way to mistreat your daughter is to spank her. If you start playing the fight, you can put it on your lap, lower your pants and spank him. As this part of the body has a lot of muscle and fat, she is able to undergo a whole punishment before she hurts too much. You can spank her every time her ass is exposed.

These are just a few examples. Use your creativity and your wife will quickly love your dominance.


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