4 Steps for Removing Kid's Temp Tattoos Without Hurting Much


Getting inked is a fairly popular trend among children. Whether it's a personalized birthday party or a school event, it's good to have them inked, but for a short time. The commitment of a permanent tattoo may be too much for small souls to handle. But to remove the temporary ones can also be detrimental to their sensitive skin. For this reason, it is imperative to remove them with the utmost care so that their skin remains safe.

Below are mentioned some of the points that you need to keep in mind while removing this type of body art.

Friction – It must be kept in mind that most of them can withstand and resist water and soap. That's why applying the same thing on them is not going to help much in their eradication. So, the best way to get rid of them is to use baby oil on the target area. Rub after the application will be able to remove them without hurting the child too much. In case you do not have baby oil, olive oil can be a good alternative. Limisan, which is a special form of wipe for removing these, can also be used.

Let the oil settle – Try to leave the oil on the targeted area for a minute or two. If the inked form is soaked well then, it can be easily removed without applying much force. The application of extra force can hurt the child in the process.

Opt for a washcloth – This step is a bit difficult and can hurt a little child. But there is no other alternative. This time, such material must be used to eliminate the thing. It goes without saying that it will be a little hard, and it must be applied vigorously so that everything comes out. Usually you can opt for a wash cloth. In the absence of washing cloth, a paper towel can also serve the purpose.

Washes Absence – After all of these steps, you can use water and soap to wash the oil from the child's hands. Apply enough soap to remove any oil. Make sure the soap you use is suitable for the soft skin of the child.

The above steps will help remove the temporary art from your child's body without hurting him too much.


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