4 Things You Should Know About European Beads


The use of European beads is one of the new trends in the creation of heritage jewelry. These types of pearls are readily available and can be beautiful personalized jewelry. The pearls themselves are a bit different from the traditional pearls we can use. These are built from a variety of materials and are three-dimensional. They normally have a large diameter hole that can accommodate a chain. These beads are widely used in the manufacture of charm bracelets. You must know four things about these pearls:

Many Styles

European beads are available in many styles. When using these beads, the idea is to create unique and personalized jewelry. Some pearls will be shiny, others less. Some will be larger to create very large types of pieces. With the European style, the pearls will be much larger than a traditional pearl. In many cases, they look more like a charm than a real pearl. Just remember that if you make jewelry with these pearls, you will have a choice of many options. As a general rule, the bracelet should hang slightly and measure the widest part of the wrist, then add an inch to determine its size. If you prefer a more snug bracelet, add only an inch. The pearls that will be added to the bracelet will be bigger than the traditional ones. It is therefore important to create a bracelet of the right size for the wrist.

What are they made of?

You can find European beads from almost anything. Some are sterling silver and others in solid gold. There are also versions in gold plated, common metal and glass. You may find some with cubic zirconia stones, other gemstones and even Swarovski crystals. Unlike traditional pearls, these can often be very expensive, with a solid gold bead going for $ 100 or more. Another difference with this type of cord is that the bore, or central hole, is threaded. Most pearls have a smooth diameter.

Bracelets, necklaces, etc.

You can create multiple objects using European beads. They are good at making bracelets, but they can also be used to create unique and personalized necklaces. Larger and more elegant pearls can create a very exclusive look. With larger pearls, you can also create pendants that can be worn on a pretty necklace in gold or sterling silver. These beads will also make excellent earrings. You can also make keychains using this pearl style. Remember however, that depending on the style of pearls you choose, your project may be a bit more expensive than the others you have completed.


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