4 Tips to Health and Youth


There are four key factors that will create in us a health or a disease. They are so simple, but often ignored and forgotten. Let's look at the first key factor.

1) Diet – Our diet today is heavily reliant on processed foods that do not contribute to good health. If you eat like most people, your daily diet probably contains too many animal products, fats and refined foods. Three things can happen to the food we eat in our stomach:

a. They can be digested and assimilated as nutrients for our use and growth by the body;

b. They can ferment in our stomachs as in the case of a bad combination of foods, for example undigested sugars from eating fruit the full stomach after a meal; Egypt

c. They may rot, or rot and rot also in case of inadequate combination of foods, eg undigested protein from consumption of chicken (protein) with potatoes (carbohydrates) during the same meal.

Fermentation and putrefaction are one of the exogenous toxins of our body responsible for aging and disease
. Exogenous toxins are toxins extracted from the body and not self-generated. Examples include junk food, tobacco and alcohol, polluted air and water, putrefaction and fermentation in the stomach caused by the wrong combination of foods, which usually occurs in meat eaters as well as in drugs and medicines.

A natural plant-based diet of vegetables and fresh fruits, and a few nuts and seeds, will provide us with the essential nutrients our body needs.

2) Exercise, Sleep and Rest – Take the time to exercise regularly and sleep and rest properly. Sleeping well and resting are as important as eating well and getting exercise. A good night's sleep helps revitalize, regenerate and revitalize our body and brain, helping to look younger, and being energetic and happy all day long.

Chronic sleep loss has been shown to contribute to all health problems. Therefore, get the right amount and quality of sleep and do not neglect its benefits. Sleep is not a luxury, it is one of the main pillars of health, a necessity!

3) Psychology – engage in productive activity and constructive work; learn to control our own emotions and anger; and develop the interpersonal communication skills and social skills that are essential to the success of life. Having positive thoughts is important because, just as we are what we eat or digest, what we think is what we are because our thought process is a powerful form of energy. Most people do not believe in positive thoughts because they do not see any value in it.

However, studies and other evidence have shown that by constantly having positive thoughts, our life would be positive and our day filled with optimism. If our thoughts are negative, it will not only weaken our body, mind and spirit, but will also affect our health. Another great thing about positive thoughts is that it slows down aging, making us younger and younger than most people our age; and improves our health and well-being!

One of the ways to keep our thoughts constantly positive is to surround ourselves with constructive, positive and happy people who emit an energetic and healthy aura from which we can benefit.

4. Environment – Get fresh air and pure water! Our own house can be a source of environmental pollution. The toxic chemical gases released by new furniture and new paints are just a few examples. Even cosmetics and personal care products such as shampoos and deodorants contain harmful chemicals. Avoid exposure to excess chemicals.

It is only when we provide our body with all the necessary health conditions that it can perform the best self healing mechanisms to restore and optimize health!


Source by Siew Yin Gark

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