5 Acne Cure Home Remedies Proven to Work


Acne can be difficult to eliminate, no matter what part of the body that may appear. The most common areas for acne are the neck, chest and face. Store-bought creams and acne ointments may work well, but they can be expensive. Everyone has their own claim as to what they offer and its effectiveness. Some of these professional products can clog pores and add more impurities and toxins to the skin. For people who have followed professional treatment for acne and who have found that this treatment was not satisfactory, five options are listed below:

They are safe and natural to use for not disturb those who have sensitive or allergic skin. The herbal remedies against acne listed here can help cleanse the body of toxins and pollutants that the environment puts in it. These same things are what contributes to acne. Once the toxins are eliminated, the skin can return to normal functioning. These herbal remedies are also considerably cheaper than professional products and will affect the skin in a much more positive and healthy way.

Basil Leaves and Powder

Basil is a common product in many grocery stores. It has been proven that kill the bacteria responsible for acne. This bacteria is on the surface of the skin and causes inflammation and infection of the pores. The basil acne cure is simple to apply and only requires the individual to apply the leaves to the affected area and use as a compress. The treated surrounding skin will be able to prevent whiteheads and blackheads from showing. Basil leaves can also be boiled for five to ten minutes. This boiled liquid will take the essential oils from the leaves for use directly on the skin. The boiled leaves should be drained and a washcloth can be soaked in oil and applied to acne.

The Essential Garlic

Garlic is one of those foods that is very versatile. This is true when you consider how much it can be a cure for acne. Taking garlic internally two to three times a day will allow the body to clean itself of impurities and toxins from the surrounding environment. For more dedicated acne, garlic can be applied directly to acne. Raw garlic rubbed on the skin can work wonders in ridding the body of acne.

Calendula Herbal Treatment

Calendula is a wonderful herbal treatment for the skin, especially if acne is present. The Candula is more commonly known as Marigold but, unfortunately, is not a concern at all. In order for this Candulla treatment to be effective against acne, the individual will have to wash their face in a tea blend. Tea can be brewed from Candulla flowers. If preferred, they can also take Candula herbal treatment internally.

Yellow Dock for Clean Blood

Yellow Dock is famous for its ability to purify and clean blood. It contains anthraquinone glycoside. This ingredient stimulates the production of bile in the bloodstream that will clean the liver. Scientific research shows that people who take Yellow Dock on a regular basis have an improvement in acne that lasts for life. Those who have had problems with kidney stones in the past should not take the Yellow Dock because the condition can be aggravated. Dandelions are also a necessary ingredient to detoxify the liver and bring health. Dandelion digests fats and regulates the flow of bile into one that goes to the liver. Once the liver is clean, the skin will also be clean. The interior will be reflected on the outside. The dandelion treatment must be completed over a period of four-six weeks. This allows the liver to become completely clean and the skin to get rid of acne and to be clear.


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