5 Anti Aging Tips That Work


If you find expensive anti-aging products and the results are unreliable, try anti-aging naturally with these easy-to-use anti-aging tips. Anti-aging tips work when you use them consistently. If you use the following tips on a daily basis, you will soon start to notice a huge difference.

Anti-Aging Tip 1

Drink unsweetened cranberry juice. Cranberries are filled with antioxidants to help reverse the signs of aging. Cranberries contain high levels of antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin C, at 13.5 mg / 100 g of fruit, flavonoids and quercetin. All these compounds have strong anti-oxidant activity and mop free radicals, bad guys that cause cell damage and can promote cancer development. Cranberry juice also counts for your 5 a day.

Anti Aging Tip 2

Take Vitamin E and Vitamin C supplements together as these two powerful antioxidants work together.
Natural Sources of Vitamin E:

Sources of Vitamin E

o Wheat Germs
o Vegetable Oil and Margarine
o Avocado
o Whole Grain Products
o Yellow D Egg
o Liver
o Peanut Butter

One of the most important functions of vitamin C is the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein and it works like glue to bind the cells together. It is the most abundant fiber in our connective tissue, which gives our body shape and support. Collagen is present in the connective tissue of skin, teeth, bones and organs, and is also found in cartilage. Basically, it's everywhere. Collagen keeps our skin firm and resilient, and also helps protect against wrinkles.

Anti Aging Tip 3

Stay active. Walking is considered the most effective exercise for losing weight and staying fit.

Anti Aging Tip 4

Tonify. Buy yourself a dvd or fitness workout video and make sure you find time for at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

Anti-Aging Tip 5

Improve your posture. Changing your position can reduce your appearance by several years and help prevent age-related pain in your neck, back, knees and ankles.


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