5 Free Beauty Tips- Make-Up Brushes And Pencils


Make-up brushes and pencils need special care because they come into direct contact with the most sensitive part of your body, your skin. Use these 5 free beauty tips to maintain a high standard.

Free Beauty Tip # 1:

Clean makeup brushes with a mild liquid soap.

Cup your hand, put some soapy water and shake the brushes in the palm of your hand until they are clean.

Rinse, reshape and hang the edge of a table so that the air can dry naturally.

To avoid damaging them, do not soak them in a sink or wrap them in a towel to dry them.

Free Beauty Tip # 2:

When you buy an eyebrow brush, make sure that she has firm hair.

A soft brush will only slide on the surface.

A firm brush cleans and controls the short hairs of the eyebrows.

Beauty Tip # 3:

Use a concealer brush to apply the concealer to the innermost corner of the eye.

This small brush closes with a point can reach this difficult point which often appears dark so much it is embedded. In the absence of a concealer brush, use a finger to apply the concealer.

Beauty Tip # 4:

If you want to invest in quality makeup brushes, buy natural hair instead of synthetic hair.

Sand is a strong favorite. Make sure the bristles are tight and not loose. Brush the back of the hand to make sure it does not lose too much hair.

Beauty Tip # 5:

When using an eyebrow pencil, use short, diagonal strokes in the direction of hair growth.

Pay more attention to areas where there is less hair rather than even coverage.

Note: Avoid the temptation to use an eyeliner pencil on the eyebrows. They are soft and malleable, ideal for the delicate area of ​​the eyes. An eyebrow pencil must be difficult enough to allow you to create small strokes in specific areas.


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