5 Natural Beauty Tips That Are Often Overlooked


Here are five of my favorite natural beauty tips. They may not be the same as those recommended by other experts, but they are my favorites, all the same. Let us start.

1. Do not wear too much mascara and do not use it too much.

Mascara is not good for eyelashes. Your eyelashes will be longer and thicker naturally if you do not wear it too often. Keep it for special occasions.

When you wear it, do not use it too much. Nothing seems worse than a woman with bouquets of mascara between her eyelashes. The brand you buy makes the difference, as does the color.

If you are brunette, choose a brown hue. If you are a blonde, choose the lightest brown you can find. The only women who should use black mascara are those with black hair and those who play on theatrical scenes.

Non-waterproof is the best, because the waterproof is hard to remove. Hard cleaners needed to remove it can cause irritation. You want to avoid irritating skin care products because they are detrimental to your appearance and could be damaging in the future. Here is the second of my favorite natural beauty tips.

2. Choose foundations containing natural pigments.

The best blends contain natural pigments, vegetable oils, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The last two are the only sunscreens I would recommend because they are the only ones that have proven safe and effective.

3. Do not use more than a fragrance product for hair or skin care.

When you use three or four different products, all with different flavors, they compete with each other. They can really make you sick. If you feel depressed or tired for no reason, this could be the scent you are wearing.

Many odorous ingredients are aromatic hydrocarbons, dangerous for health in the workplace. It goes without saying that inhaling them all day because they are on your body would be dangerous for your health too. If you are interested in natural beauty tips, you are probably interested in protecting your health as well as your appearance.

4. Get some sun, but not too much.

Many people are surprised by this trick. I do not suggest that tanning is a good idea. You simply need a little sun because the body needs it to produce vitamin D. If you do not get vitamin D from the sun, you have to take a multivitamin.

The form of vitamin D found in most multi-vitamins is not the same as that produced by your body. Nobody really knows if this can really replace what your body produces.

Not only getting a little sun is one of my natural beauty tips. It's also good for your health in the long run. Research indicates that low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Remember that too much sun is bad. This is also one of the causes of facial aging.

5. Use moisturizing creams containing vegetable oils and anti-aging nutrients.

After each bath or shower, use a moisturizer containing grapeseed oil and nutrients such as coenzyme Q10. The shower removes the oils from the skin and leaves it defenseless against the causes of an aged appearance.

There are many other natural beauty tips that I love. But, all that I have time for this article.


Source by Valerie Rosenbaum

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