5 Office furniture trends to be monitored in 2015


The modern office should be bright, very functional and attractive to the eyes. You can get all these effects by taking inspiration from the office furniture trends that will reign on stage in 2015. It's time to inspire yourself to create the perfect layout and to choose the chairs, desks and items Ideal storage.

Dynamic Layout

It's time to make your workspace more functional and dynamic. This will be one of the main trends of office furniture in 2015 and beyond. It is about fixing the different parts so that they allow you to do your job better and feel at home. In an executive office for example, there can be a meeting corner with comfortable seating and multimedia. In addition to mobile file cabinets, you can use small mobile tables. You should not leave the walls blank, but add shelves.

Mix and match

You can forget the uniform style. You would like to have different shapes, materials and colors in your office. You can have pieces of different shapes that do not necessarily have to be geometric. The combination of wood, food and glass is particularly trendy. The glass tops of desks and tables create a naturally dynamic ambience and make the space bigger. When it comes to colors, you can choose a palette of two or three.

Beautiful curves

Even rectangular office furniture such as desks will have curved edges in 2015. Round lounge chairs and low tables are back. The same applies to luminaires. Curves make every drawing smoother and more natural.

Going Natural

This is one of the main trends of office furniture that are here to stay. Designers are particularly fond of natural materials when creating parts for a business environment. Wood and leather are among the most widely used options. While traditionally used metals such as steel and chrome keep good positions, there is a notable change for bronze, copper and silver. Stone is another natural material that is gaining ever stronger positions. It is strong and reliable.

Green and blue

The different shades of green and blue will be the most popular colors for the office in 2015. They are natural and beautiful. They have a formal appeal while giving the workspace a sense of comfort. These colors can be present on lamps and decorative objects. The doors of the cabinets can also be painted in them. They are perfect for carpets and rugs. If you want to give an even more natural appeal to the working environment, you can have more natural plants inside and even set up a small aquarium.

These office furniture trends are expected to prevail in 2015 and beyond. You will certainly benefit from creating your work environment around them.


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