5 Skin Care Tips for Beach Day Out in Summers


The beach season is surely a wonderful time for everyone to try on short, practical dresses as they wish. People can plan their weekends, their holidays with their relatives and friends, but nothing can beat the party on sand. Yes, taking a trip to the beach will be a perfect idea for summers. But be sure to have all the safety measures for your beautiful skin because the beaches are areas prone to sunlight. Do not forget to consider the best skin care routine for your sensitive and smooth skin.

1. Never compromise with sunscreens

Taking sun protection measures begins with a perfect sunscreen when you head to the beach. Apply this regularly and generously according to your SPF match. Cover the hair, eyelids, feet and toes properly and frequently. A waterproof sunscreen would be perfect because you can taste the sea whenever you want.

2. Take care of your lips

Harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage your soft lips more than any other part of your skin. Keep your lips well protected with a lip balm, one of the most recommended things.

3. Keep your skin moist all the time

If you plan all day on the beach, do not forget to always prepare with you. The moisturizer for the skin is an indispensable ingredient of your kit when it is to retain the moisture of your skin on the sand. Get a body moisturizer rich in quality ingredients that protects and moisturizes your skin for maximum time.

4. Drink plenty of water and other liquids

YES! No skin care product can replace the harm done by the sun that the water does. Water hydrates your body, keeps body temperature under control and gives your skin natural moisture for a long time. You can also drink juices and other liquids according to your taste and toast.

5. Do not forget to wear hats and sunglasses

Parking under an umbrella will protect you from direct sunlight. The hat and sunglasses add an extra effect to your swim or beach outfits. You can enjoy the serenity of the beach and the thrilling sound of the water without worrying about anything else. In addition, you can try anti-tanning products to eliminate tanning caused by the sun's rays. Enjoy the beaches for sure but do not let your skin pay the price.

Good outing this summer!


Source by Ankit Mishra

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