5 Tips to Picking the Song Order on Your Album


You have spent countless hours writing and rehearsing your songs. A few hundred others in the studio record and, for good measure, another hundred mixes until a perfect sound. Now the album needs to be mastered soon and you put the finishing touches to how the album will unfold. Here are some tips that helped me prepare the final reading list.

1) Put your main single in the first 3 songs.

The reasoning behind this is that when people buy your album, they will do it. most likely buy because they enjoy your single lead. This means that when they watch the playlist on the back of the CD, one of their first thoughts is "Where's the single?" Now, if they see it in the top 3, they'll be more likely to listen to the other two songs in the top 3, because they'll say, "At least the main single is just a song, so I could just as well give this song. Song has luck & # 39;

Moreover, if for example your main single was song number 2, they will probably end up listening to song number 3 because they are already in the "groove" of your music and thus let the songs run. Having another solid song in the top 3 is also an advantage because you make a good impression.

Another small addition is to silence at the end of the first single and silence at the beginning of the song after this one. particularly brief so that the break is fast between the main single and the next song.

If the main single was in the center of the album, it is likely that the listener will ignore it directly and end up listening to the following songs. This would mean that much of the content will be ignored when first listening.

2) Make the song after your single has taken a solid track

After listening to your first single, your listener will be present the mood for a bit more of your best material and so their serve with! If they listen to two solid songs in a row, that's when they will say "wow, these guys have to have a pretty solid album" and will be more willing to listen to your more diverse songs.

Now when I write "a solid track" I do not mean that it must have the same energy or the same emotions as your main single, but that it should also receive another dose of "you" who is in the single that they have come to love so much. [19659002] 3) Put "happier" / high energy songs at the beginning and end of the album.

When listening to an album, no one wants to let the experience feel "disgusted" or too introspective, which would most likely not re-listen to them for a moment or when they are pensive when it arrives at the last pieces or in the case of songs more emotionally charged (negatively) being at the beginning, they would probably ignore them entirely.

If the album starts with energetic songs then slips slowly in the songs nostrospectives and emotionally charged to the center will be easier to manage because the residual "vibration" of the first songs will always be persistent and "dampen" the shock of introspective songs more charged with emotion.

4) 'Trim The Fat'.

If you find two or more songs that look alike, simply keep the best of both and get rid of it. I do not mean to completely delete the song and destroy the final mix, just keep it for a later date.

When outputting a promotional CD or later EP, you can use the title that was not left in the full album. . The beauty of this is that when people listen to Promo or EP, we remind them the full album, so we could associate their positive emotions by listening to your full album with EP or promo.

5) Listen, listen and listen again (after that … listen again).

The most important of all tips would be to listen as many times as possible in the album. Ask your friends to listen to your producer to listen to it, ask your mastering engineer for advice when they go through the mastering process.

After that, listen again and if something seems out of place, do not do it, so do not do it. Do not get in a hurry. Wait until you have the playlist so perfect that you can listen to the album and restart it immediately, that's when you know it.

Finally, always remember that responsibility prevents you. No one in the world can even start judging your album except for yourself. It's your music, your passion, your experiences, your sweat, your tears on this album and the last word is yours. That's your child.

Always remember that, always.


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