5 Top Tips for Job Seekers


Start your job search with the best basic tools:

1. Networked Business Cards: They are indispensable for meeting new people. Everyone is a connection and the easiest way to give you information is to have them on a map. In addition to your basic contact information, it must contain your title, industry and area of ​​expertise. Use a good card stock and stay simple. If you are in a creative field, you can get away with a more artistic art.

1. Network Business Cards: Use good quality card stock in a white, ivory, gray or other elegant color that matches your resume paper. Indicate your name, title, sector and area of ​​expertise. Enter your contact number and your e-mail address. Note: If you are in a creative field, you can use slightly more artistic colors and card graphics. The card is an essential tool for modifying your basic information with a new contact and eliminates the search for a pen and a sheet of paper.

2. LinkedIn profile: This is the first online professional network and millions of people around the world are members. Their professional profiles are listed, their place of work, their workplace, the schools they attended, the professional and educational groups they belong to and the recommendations of past colleagues, clients and associates. You can learn a lot from a well-designed profile, including new contacts, companies looking and organizations whose members share the same interests and goals as you.

3. Your "pitch": You know how to respond when someone asks you what you do when you are employed. You work for this company in this role by performing these tasks. What do you say when you are unemployed? "I am looking for a new job." Well, you could. It is best to use this opportunity to your advantage. Create a story from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Indicate your experience and expertise, what you are looking for and what you can do for a potential employer. "For 10 years, I held the position of Vice President of Operations for ABC Company, focusing on ___, ___ and ___, and now I want to work for a company ___ in field ___, such as XYZ. Co or DEF Co. " be applicable to their division or product. (Add a success stat.) "You get the picture." No sob story, no throw the old boss or company under the bus. "Be positive, enthusiastic and open to suggestions. the person you are with is new to you, ask them what they are doing It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

4. Success Stories: Everyone has achievements of his If you think about it, you can remember the unforgettable achievements that will help you promote yourself as a good candidate.If you have problems, act as if you would have your annual report and you will get an increase for each measurable feat you present to your manager You have found them These examples demonstrate your ability to solve problems and meet the challenges that an employer may face. We have identified the situation, what conduct you have chosen to address the concerns and what was the conclusion. This simple strategy can be very impressive and say a lot about you, your way of working and the value you bring to the company.

5. Planned activities: "Looking for a job is a job of type", as the saying goes. "" The work typically includes various activities: computer work, meetings, phone calls, writing, research, projects, customer interactions, follow ups, reports. It may also include prospecting for new customers, sellers or opportunities, selling a product or service, and entering into transactions. opportunities, speak with company representatives, present your equipment, sell your skills, track and finalize the transaction. that when you were working, you would take a day off every now and then and you could sometimes rearrange your schedule for life. You should always do it in a job search. Thanks to you and do it in the evening. Give yourself a day off periodically. It's healthy and smart to be nice to yourself. One last activity – once a week, try your interview clothes to make sure they still fit! You will be happy to have done it!


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