6 Artful House Decorating Ideas Using Stained Glass Panels


Tinted Glass Ceilings, Chimney Screens and Lighting Fixtures

A simple idea that adds a lot to a domestic space is the incorporation of stained glass panels as ceiling tiles or overlapping with lighting fixtures . This creates a colorful atmosphere and acts as pieces of art except the extra charm of coming from above. Ceilings made in this way make excellent conversation pieces and will fit almost any style d├ęcor. Fireplace screens add a wonderful and warm ambiance to your environment

Stained glass table tops and furniture designs

Many unique and elegant furniture designs use glass panels to create Art Nuevo feels for the House. The tables with tinted windows give off a wonderful reflected light that shines throughout the room. With the right lighting, furniture designed with tinted stained glass forms a dazzling ensemble that creates ambiance in the wider corners of any living room or dining room.

Tinted glass lamps and chandeliers

are the perfect synthesis of art and furnishings. They can be adjusted so that their light throws in all directions and make a charming addition to the home entertainment space. In a more elaborate sense, it is possible to design tinted glass chandeliers suspended above, dangling bright and colorful displays cascading over the ceilings and dancing along the floor of your home.

Stained glass and disco decor

who want to take their decor to the next level, why not a party space for your indoor gatherings. The stained glass floor can be created, it is a bit more expensive than traditional floor tiles, but can be done economically and will last longer. Some houses have taken this idea and created pseudo dance floor feels to entertain guests and visitors. Just like some tinted glass flooring or textures in a room, complete it with a glittering glitter ball hanging on it and a thriving stereo system, so you have the premium nightclub in your home.

A more elaborate application of vitrified paneling and tiles can be used in exterior scenarios. A soft look can be given to your pool areas, where the stained glass can be inserted into the curb, walkways or in the spaces to sit around the pools or your jacuzzi. This is a colorful way to make an artistic and entertaining plain pool in the hours of the day, although the moon-stained type glass accents make it a romantic texture for the evening swimming evening. This is an idea that could cost a bit more, but the results are incredible for an outdoor project to modernize your home in an elegant way.

Stained Glass and Panels

A very simple way to add color and texture to your space uses Stained glass windows but if it's not an option, a more choice Easy is a stained glass panel to hang on your windows. Easily hooked by a chain with a little hardware, and it transforms your environment!


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