6 Tips for an Affordable Home Renovation


Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever have. And just like any investment, it is important that you take care of your home by making the necessary repairs, regular maintenance and especially while keeping the design of the house up to date. By doing so, the value of your home will increase considerably. However, due to today's economic problems, a home improvement project may not be over your list of things to do at this time.

But what if I tell you that there are ways on how you can save a lot of money on home remodeling? Yes, you can remodel your home at a price you can afford. All you need to do is strategically plan your materials, design and schedule for your home renovation project. You will see that it is not so difficult to reduce costs without compromising the quality of the project. Here are some tips on how to remodel your home without blowing up your budget.

1. Efficiency matters, not size. Rearranging your home, bathroom or kitchen for maximum utility does not necessarily require building or creating more space. You can do this using shelves with concealed cabinets or drawers. This can be very useful especially in the kitchen, where careful planning to get extra space is cost effective by not needing to extend cabinets in other rooms.

2. That there is light . You can let the more natural light enter your home without building additional windows and doors. Before breaking your walls for more windows or bifold doors, why not think about cheaper and less invasive ways to have more light. For example, you can make a corridor without brighter window by installing a skylight solar tube that could be more affordable than putting up a new window.

3. Demolition of do-it-yourself. If you are considering starting a home improvement project on a tight budget, you can start by being your own demolition team. Even though cutting down a part of your home may not be as expensive as rebuilding it, you can still save a few dollars by doing some demolition work yourself. Just be careful and take extra precautions. Do not forget to retrieve reusable buildings and lightly used fixtures. If you have more time to lose, you can also try some of the finishing work yourself such as painting, sanding, installation of insulation and garbage removal.

4. Consider long-term expenditure. Buying pre-finished materials can be expensive in advance, but it saves you money on painting or finishing work. For example, you can get primed and painted weathering, skirting boards, deck boards and even prefabricated wall finishes. These items usually cost more in advance but they will also help you save valuable time and money by preventing costly paint jobs.

5. This is all about the moment. Renovation work can be expensive especially if you do it in high season. Entrepreneurs usually double their expenses if they are in high demand. So, you might want to create a schedule on when to effectively start your renovation project. This way you will have more bargaining power with the contractor and it is likely that you will get a fair offer for your remodeling project. It is also important to get prices from more than one contractor.

6. Get out and buy your own remodeling materials. The remodeling materials are normally expensive. In addition, there are some entrepreneurs who add a little price commission on building materials that they buy on your behalf, making the process even more expensive. This is why it would be better if you buy them yourself instead of handing this task over to the contractor to make sure you get exactly what you are paying for. This also allows you to monitor every penny of your renovation project.


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