6 ways to make your dining table design worthy


We, Indians, love opulence and drama in all possible themes. Whether it be our movies or our novels, we dig for everything big and bigger than life. But when it comes to enjoying a meal with people, we prefer a soothing atmosphere with an easy installation on the eyes. A meal is a time when we open our hearts to loved ones no matter where we are. It serves as a liaison for generations to come together and exchange stories and experiences. Why settle for a dull table when the conversation is so interesting? So make every meal a wonderful experience by setting up a table. No matter what you serve, let the table decorations add fame to every kitchen. Add drama to the table with little trinkets.

1. Chalk a plan!

Before you take out all your cutlery and serving utensils, give your table 5 minutes. Watch your dining table and understand how it can act as the epicenter of the meal you are hosting. Create a mental plan to make sure each person feels comfortable with it. If you are hosting a party, make sure you have enough space on the table to put everything you want, without having to move things around at each class.

2. A subtle centerpiece

Every table deserves a story! Plan your table around a brilliantly organized centerpiece. Give your table a conversation input by placing a centerpiece in the middle. If you have a large dining table, you can always opt for two rooms. For a small table, you can opt for a longer centerpiece than usual to save on the surface. You can play with flowers, candles, lanterns, jars and many more. For an authentic Indian style installation, use tea lights and brass accessories wrapped in colorful fabric strips. You can also place a long strip of a mirror in place of a table runner and supplement it with tea lights and wooden animal figurines.

3. History of crockery and cutlery

Placing cutlery and crockery plays a very important role. This not only feeds the table labels, but also helps you maintain a clean configuration. Cultivate the habit of using separate plates for dishes and bread or chapatti to make sure the bread does not become soggy. Introduce napkins to the entire installation to eliminate the possibility of accidental spillage. Dress these towels with eye-catching racks. You can also tie these towels with dry bamboo grass or ribbons. When it comes to spoons and forks, always make sure that each plate is associated with an adequate number. If you are serving Indian cuisines, then you have to place a few spoons next to a plate. In case of continental, place a set of forks, spoons and a knife. The type of crockery and cutlery you choose will make a big difference to your table. You can use authentic copper and brass plates and utensils to give an authentic Indian feel, or you can choose colorful ceramic plates to give a bohemian personality to your dinner. When it comes to cutlery and utensils, the choices are endless.

4. Small Shiny Trinkets

To maintain a theme on a table, you can introduce small trinkets. These trinkets should blend in together, but also maintain distinct identities. You can have metal birds holding salt and pepper shakers or a thin stone slab with napkins placed under a glass goldfish.

5. Incompatible table settings

Sometimes the beauty is not to try too hard! You can create a casual but chic table setting very easy by mixing and matching a plethora of colors and design styles. This color line will show your individualism and will also create an easy and fun meal.

6. For Official Dinners

Some dinners are very formal, for example, calling your boss or your spouse's for dinner or having your mother-in-law eat at your new home for the first time. We recommend keeping the table settings at these simple, timeless and elegant moments. For one, it will introduce you as a sophisticated host or hostess who tastes great and also if you stay simple, you can accomplish more without adding even more stress to yourself for this important occasion. We suggest you go with elegant white towels, high-end crockery in classic pastel colors and simple flowers for the centerpiece.

If you want to reunite your family every night, even try to dress up your dining table. As human beings, we yearn for something new every day. So why not give your eyes little treats every day in the form of creative dining tables. It can also serve as a liaison exercise if you include your children, your siblings, your mother or loved one in the process of decorating.


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