7 Beauty Tips for Looking Younger


Ever since Eve took this first bite of the apple, the human race has been observed with beauty.

The truth is that we start the aging process as soon as we come out of the womb. Every day of our lives, our bodies come off and regenerate new cells. The speed with which this process takes place when we are children is very different as we get older.

Every day you are bombarded daily with commercial messages and beauty tips that try to make you believe that the most recent miracle drug is exactly what you need to fight Mother Nature's ravages.

We live longer as a whole. Singularly, it can be a curse or a blessing, depending on your perspective.
The best route to natural beauty and healthy skin is to take care of what you have. It sounds simple, is not it? The truth is that your skin takes a shot of the environment every day. Here are some of our favorite beauty tips to keep your skin fresh and healthy:

1: Stay hydrated and do it with a lot of water! This does not mean soda, caffeine or any other type of liquid, even if it is low cal. Soda (same soda) has a high concentration of sodium. Sodium retains fluids. You need liquid that will moisturize and rinse your body without toxins. Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses a day!

2: Protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. We all love the sun. We like to be in and we like to have a beautiful tan. The truth is that you can poison yourself with too much sun. UV rays cause skin cancer and if that is not severe enough, your skin ages faster than it should, contributing to unsightly wrinkles. If you have to play in the sun, make sure you use adequate sunscreen. Do not leave without it!

3: Keep your skin clean. Use a soft, warm cloth. The skin does not require scrubbing. You will do more harm than good if you do it.

4: The best cure for wrinkles is to never have them in the first place! If you love most of us, you have not listened to your mother when she tried to tell you to stay in the shade, straighten yourself and stop squinting!

5: Eat well. Knowing how and what to eat can make a huge difference in the way you feel. Bad eating habits can cause depression, weight gain, illness and general lethargy.

Weight gain causes stretching of the skin. As you get older, it loses its elasticity and you have skin sagging.
The best solution is to maintain a correct weight.

A basic rule for eating habits is … do not eat more calories than you consume. Do not go one day without doing something more and physical for at least 30 minutes a day. It can be three steps of ten minutes. Or 30 minutes of vigorous aerobics, or 12 minutes of weight training and 18 minutes of walking.

6: Do not worry, be happy. A good mood seems to trigger the release of endorphins. Endorphins relax the cardiovascular system and cytokines that alert the immune system to pay attention to the detection of abnormalities such as cancer cells. Listen carefully to yourself. If you have been down since childhood during your life, negative subliminal messages can take care of you by turning you into a pessimist. Spend a week writing the phrases you use in your "talking about yourself". Chances are you will find that you repeat a dozen phrases over and over again reinforcing this negative image. If you know them, you can change them. Outside beauty and inner joy go hand in hand.

Here are some tips to increase the joy, hope, and optimism that will work no matter what your age:

Make a list of at least 50 great things that happen to you every days.

Laugh a lot. You will heal your body and your mind.

Discover a new challenge every month.

Try to meditate for only five minutes each day.

7: Sex after 50 – Ha! How many of you have jumped in this section?

The importance of physical intelligence actually depends on the couple. An alarming number of men had the habit of abandoning sex after age 60 and many women felt that their sex life ended with menopause. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Sex in middle age can actually become better and more satisfying than ever before. Maturity gives a couple more experience in love. Children are usually grown and leave the house. The pressures of building a career and daily life are usually less stressful than in the early years.

Is beauty really deep?

The answer is yes and no. It's a paradox, is not it? The true beauty starts from the inside. Do not you want that there was a way to "wiggle your nose" and find that sweet skin that you had as a kid? Well, until someone arrives with the real "fountain of youth" we are stuck with what we have.

Just remember that aging does not mean growing old.


Source by Jill Miller

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