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7 Steps to Super Defined Curls

Wondering how to get fun curly hair? Or maybe you already have curly hair and want a more defined look? Braids are the solution! A braid is when you braid your hair, let it dry, then untie the braids. You end up with a beautiful curly hairstyle with defined curls.

1. Wash and condition your hair at night before wearing your braid so you have time to dry.

2. You will need the following supplies to make the braid: a rinse-free conditioner, a styling lotion, rolls, a satin hat or scarf, a comb detangling.

3. Use your conditioner without rinsing to saturate your hair. Make sure to cover all the hair but do not wet it too much. At this point, you can also apply a moisturizer if you have dry hair.

4. For tight curls, you will need to do a lot of braids – about 20. For loose curls, you will not need a lot of braids – about 10. Before you braid, add a set lotion and hair from the root. Depending on the width of the loops, you can braid tightly or loosely.

5. Just before you reach the end of your hair, you will stop and add a roll to this section. You can use sponge rolls covered with satin sticks or permanent.

6. Now that you have finished braiding and rolling, take a scarf or cap and wrap your hair so that it can dry.

7. When your hair is dry, remove the hat or scarf. Take serum and rub it in your hands, then remove the rolls and braids. When you do, style your hair as you wish.

You now have your curly and curly hair style that will last you several days. Just pin up each night. Apply a little serum on the morning and you’re done. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


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