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The decor of the house counts a lot these days because every homeowner wants his house to look different from anything in their neighborhood, not the outside but the interiors too. good. It is precisely for this reason that the interior decoration sector is currently experiencing such a boom. People have embraced the fact that it's about the presentation these days, that's why new and unique techniques are being invented to make the decor more appealing.

Wallpapers, for example, have not been a new concept since the last decade. or so, have gained immense popularity. Of course, painting your walls has its merits but it's still conventional and people nowadays are looking for something that's completely out of the box. With such designs available today, it seems normal that people are more attracted to this rather than sticking to painting. But unlike painting, this type of wall decor is much more tricky to use. More often than not, people have several confusions about the wallpapers. Some of these frequently asked questions are:

What kind of tools do I need?

  • Tape Measure
  • Primer Sealer
  • Water Trap
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Straightener
  • Knife and Blades
  • Working Table or Platform

Do I need to ride them?

No, you do not need to ride the seams. Instead, they should be squeezed together and smoothed. If you do it correctly, they will not shrink, which is why the overlap is necessary.

Why can not I remove my wallpapers from the wall?

Most of you make the mistake of not wetting the back of the wallpaper before removing it. The adhesive used is intended to hold them together. If you want to remove them, you have to put water on the adhesive and wait for the dough to relax.

Should I use extra dough?

The primer used on the wall is enough to keep the decorations together. Putting extra glue will be particularly problematic if after a few months you want to remove them. But yes, if that is for the bathroom, you can put extra glue as this is the area that will often be subject to moisture frequently that hinder the adhesive.

Do I need a liner to remove them? ]

Renting a steamboat is a useless one that you can easily avoid. Usually, a puncture tool and removal chemicals are enough to remove them

Can I put one on another?

It is not at all recommended to install wallpaper on other layers that make them fall or create bubbles on its sides.

Can I repair a tear?

If you do it correctly, you can repair the tear on them. Just apply a little adhesive on the torn part and place it on the wall and smooth it.

Do I have to match the patterns?

There are certain types of reasons to stick them on your walls; you can not do it randomly. To avoid this hassle, you can still use drawings that are random.


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