8 ideas for decorating a Victorian bedroom


For many, a Victorian-style room has an antique but typically feminine atmosphere. The Victorian era began in the 1830s and was around 1900 (when Queen Victoria died) and there are many variations to be had with regard to the style of a Victorian room, but hopefully that the points below will help you decorate Victorian House for you.

1. Bed

A Victorian bed must be in showy wood or cast iron, brass or a combination of these two metals. You may be able to get a skilled carpenter to produce or fit a full size queen bed or twin bedding together to produce a king. But if you really do not have the money to spend for such luxury, there are many modern reproduction beds available at a fraction of the cost.

2. Dressing the Bed

The bed should be skillfully dressed with awnings and curtains, lots of pillows, ruffles, ribbons and other trimmings. If you can search your local fabric store and see if they have period type quilts, etc., available.

3. Paintings

It is important that you include either a table or furniture topped with marble in your room design, either a rattan, bamboo or faux bamboo table, a round or skirted table as a bedside table. Why not visit your local junk store or antiques to see what has turned and carved wooden tables that they might have to include in your design for this time.

4. Lighting

It is essential that you get the ideal lighting to decorate a Victorian bedroom and this should include the classic style of pot-au-ginger, or those made of porcelain, crystal or brass. You can even decide to use candlesticks that have been transformed to be used as light. Under each lamp, you need to place a crocheted doily to get the authentic vintage look.

5. Dressers and Dresser

They should be generally made of dark stained oak, mahogany or walnut and be embellished with carvings, pediments and have ornate brass handles or carved wooden drawer. You might be lucky to find those who also have a candlestick, a tilting mirror and a marble top.

6. Flooring

To give an authentic and authentic Victorian look to your room, use Oriental rugs or straw-type mats. You can if you wish we hung or machine-woven rugs that have an abstract floral or swirly pattern on them.

7. Accessories

These accessories that you must include in your room are vintage photos (including subjects such as plants, children, girls (young women) and animals in these pictures). Also include a framed mirror in gold or stained wood in your design. If you can also place fresh flowers in vintage style vases in the room and visit your local bric-a-brac store or antiques to find Victorian style collectibles for the first time. inclusion in your design like porcelain dishes and figurines.

8. Windows

These should be dressed with full curtains or curtains that have ruffles, valances, braids, lace, bows and acorns on them (but you do not need to wear them). Having all or two will suffice). The materials you should use to dress your windows should be either velvet, brocade, delicate flowers and then layered with lace curtains.

So decorating a Victorian bedroom can be quite easy all you need to do is just do a little research and hope you will be able to design and decorate the bedroom of your dreams.


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