8 Kiwiana Desserts You Might Want To Try in New Zealand


For most of us, there is always room in the stomach for dessert after meals. If you're touring New Zealand, maybe you might want to skip your usual brownie with ice cream, and try the ice pavlova and hokey pokey instead. Everyone has unique preferences, maybe you could find something you like in this list.

It looks like a cake and meringue, with a crisp crust like a biscuit and a sweet cream inside. Worth a try as it is a national dessert for New Zealand. Usually served with sliced ​​kiwis and strawberries (sometimes with other fruits such as peaches and raspberries). The pavlova at most restaurants are quite good and just the right size without overdose of sugar or cream.

Hokey Ice Cream Pokey
This is one of the most popular ice cream flavors in New Zealand. It's vanilla ice cream with small pieces of caramel sponge. It was an interesting flavor the first time I tried it but I guess it did not really develop on me. You can add a Hokey Pokey ball if you buy a cone in an ice cream parlor. It's like one of the most important things to do on hot summer days!

A small, unsweetened pancake usually served with whipped cream and jam. Personally, I prefer the picket to the pancake or crepe, because it is more biting and lighter. in a sense. Used to buy 1 to 2 packs (pack of 8) a week in supermarkets (in the bakery and bread section) and eat with whipped cream or maple syrup for a quick breakfast. Not the healthiest, but nice and tasty!

Chocolate Fish
It is made of pink or white marshmallow coated with a thin layer of milk chocolate. Often given, literally and figuratively, as a reward for a job well done. I guess New Zealand kids often get it to school as a reward, because I have had it occasionally when I was in college.

Pineapple Pieces
This is a chocolate-covered candy with soft, fluffy pineapple-flavored interiors. Not a fan of pineapple (except on a pizza), I thought it was a little weird, chocolate and pineapple looked like a weird combination.

Deep Chocolate Bar
It's the most unhealthy dessert I've ever eaten! A normal iced Mars Bar covered in batter and fried! I only bought it once in a fish and chips shop to try, and I could not even finish half of it. It was nice at the first bite, but after a few bites, you get a little sick of the taste and the fat.

Anzac Biscuit
It's like an oatmeal cookie without eggs. You will see it more often for fundraising around Anzac Day on April 25th of each year. This traditional biscuit has been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) since the First World War. I tried the cookies, found them hard and dry. The fact that I do not really like oats did not help either.

Afghan Biscuit
It's like a chocolate cookie with corn flakes on the inside, and sometimes walnut on top. Other than that, I'm not sure what's so unique about it. Sold in different sizes in cafes, I guess it's a good change from the usual chocolate brownie. I have eaten it many times, especially when my friends cook them. Maybe you can catch one when you jump to the cafe for a sandwich.


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