8 tips for moms of new children's gardens


I remember the anticipation of my children in kindergarten so vividly – exciting and scary at the same time! This is a big step for moms and their little ones as well as the official start of their child's school career. It's no wonder moms want everything to go well.

Here are 8 tips for moms of new kindergartens:

1. Socialize before school starts

Get together with friends who will start kindergarten at the same time as your child before the start of the school year. By giving your child plenty of opportunities to socialize and interact with groups of children, he will be better prepared to join 20 or more children, especially if it is the first time that he 's going to school. he is part of a large group. Having a friend or acquaintance on the first day can be a great comfort for new students.

2. Smart Pack

Keep things simple when it comes to your child's lunch box and backpack. While it can be tempting to create Pinterest-worthy artwork for lunch, remember that lunch breaks are short and the little ones do not eat fast. Make sure she knows how to open her own containers and that you give her food that she is sure to swallow. You do not want her to be hungry because she can not open her yogurt or thermos and is too shy to ask for help. Plus, make sure her backpack is the right size for her and that she is not struggling to wear it.

3. Connect with your child's teacher

Make an effort to communicate one-on-one with your child's teacher as soon as possible, and make sure to let him know the essential information about your child such as allergies, special conditions or even the little fears. Teachers appreciate extra insight as it can make a big difference in the daily rhythm of your child's class and day.

4. Teach basic self-care

Talk to your child about going to the bathroom, washing their hands, sneezing into their arms rather than using their hands and other self-help techniques. assistance like tying your own shoes, closing zippers and buttoning clothes. For many children, the kindergarten can be the first time they do these things outside the home.

Practical Skills

Give your child a lot of practice with typical school tools such as scissors, glue sticks, markers, etc. before starting school. Not only are these skills excellent, but they will also help to focus more on learning instead of just working on the basic mechanics of using these elements.

Fostering Responsibility

Your child is never too young to help and it's never too early to start! Teach him how to clean after snacks or lunch time, how to put toys and books in his room and empty his backpack at the end of the day. When school starts, he will be better prepared for what is expected of him during the daily routine.

Get the layman from the earth

Most schools offer a day of orientation for preschool children. This is a great opportunity to relieve the nervousness of the first day that you and your child might have. Visit her classroom, find out where she will put her things, where she will have lunch, and more. This will help to feel a lot more comfortable on the first day of school.

8. To be involved

Volunteer time in class is the best way to get to know the teacher of his child and his classmates, as well as take a look at everyday classroom life (and see her cute too). Give your time by helping with reading or crafts – teachers always appreciate extra hands during the early years and it feels good to do it too.


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