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& Julie, I need your help. I'm overwhelmed and do not know what to do first! & # 39; It sounded like a call to an emergency phone line, but she did not need any therapy. What she wanted was to help redesign her master bedroom and bath. Like so many people, Patty was tired of her boring, old-fashioned room. She wanted big changes, but did not know how to accomplish this or even what her first steps should be.

If you are in this place yourself, do not despair. You may have the impression of needing tips (!), But I have simple suggestions on how to start creating a room you will like, a place that expresses your personality and that makes you forget the rat race.

Look for inspiration. Go to your favorite grocery store or home improvement store and buy several magazines at home. Or, to save a little money, check out some books from the library. Sit back and drink something good as you flip through the pages. If you see something you like, tear off the page or mark it with a sticky note, and take a few notes on what catches you. You can also find a lot of ideas on the internet. Visit the sites of different interior design magazines or home and print pictures of rooms you like. You can also search for images on Google and on photography sites.

Open your mind while you look. The inspiration can come from anywhere. It does not have a picture of a room. You might encounter a lipstick advertisement where the model is wearing the perfect shade of pink for your baby's room! If you like it, tear it off or print a copy.

Put everything in a binder or notebook fun so you can have everything in one place. Continue to add new ideas that you would like to incorporate into your room. After a while, you will begin to see a pattern grow. Look over your photos and write down what they have in common. Are there particular colors, textures, materials or furniture that continue to appear? These are the elements of your new design plan.

In your photo collection, you may notice things you really do not like. Keep some notes on these things too because sometimes this can be just as important as what you like. For example, you may like the style of some kitchen cabinets, but prefer a different style of buttons.

Browse these photos and ideas with your designer, if you work with one of these people, so that she (or he) can get an idea of ​​what makes you tick. And you are on your way to a room you will love!


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