9 Party Invitation Tips That Guarantee Guests Will Attend Your Party


What if you went on a party and no one showed up ?! Well, of course, that will not happen. But with all the time, effort, and the money you have invested in this opportunity, you want to make sure that most of the people on your guest list attend. So, it is there that your invitation to the party arrives. This is an important glimpse of the holiday and should generate excitement about the upcoming event. Here are nine tips for invitations to a party that will help you encourage a maximum presence.

1. Send your invitations by mail. This one seems obvious, but if you want to make sure people are attending your party, go with the mail. Invitations sent by email can be deleted. And if you spread the word in person or over the phone to your potential guest, it might be missed. An invitation that arrives in the mail is noticed.

2. Do not wait too long. Make sure your invitation to the party arrives on time, so people do not do other projects. Try to aim for 3 or 4 weeks before the date of the party.

The Wow Factor

3. Impress your guests When someone opens the envelope containing your invitation to the party, they will think, "It sounds interesting, I have to go!"? Have an impact on possible party goers by choosing an invitation that sets the tone for a great event. Your party invitations do not have to be expensive to be effective. You can even make them yourself, if you are creative. But whatever you choose, your invitation should announce that this opportunity is not to be missed.

4. Consider photo invitations. If you are planning a party in someone's honor, such as a birthday, a diploma or a birthday, the photos of your invitations can do wonders. The photos pull the strings of the heart and will remind your recipient of the link he has with the guest of honor. Once they start to remember the good times shared, they will not be able to stop them from attending the party. You can also include an old photo or choose a photo invitation from then and now for a hint of nostalgia.

He is in the details

5. Dress for success. Do not let your guests dangle, wondering what to wear at your party. Some people will not attend just because they do not know if they should dress or not. If it is formal or dressed, say it clearly. But if it's a casual outfit, spell that too. In fact, if you let people know that they do not need to be too dressed, they are more likely to show up, because they do not need to buy a new outfit.

6. Provide dietary indices. People usually make assumptions about what will be served depending on when the party begins. But you can help them by including this information. Will there be a sit-down dinner, a buffet, just desserts or just snacks? Is a potluck and the guest should bring a dish? Should they eat before going to the party? The cheese and cracker parts can be excellent, but if that's the case, let them know. You do not want your guests to imagine a big dinner and go half way through the party because they're hungry.

7. Attach a map. In these days of GPS and Mapquest, it may seem silly. But when your guests decide whether or not to attend your party, your card will allow them to view their destination. This can help them feel comfortable doing the trip.

8. Eliminate Gifts If the purpose of the holiday is to get gifts, then ignore this advice. But if the purpose of the party is to attract guests, let them know that a gift is not expected. You can use words like "your presence is our gift". Of course, some people will always bring a gift. But your budget-conscious friends are more likely to attend if they know that they should not go into debt for the opportunity.

The audience is believing

9. Make it easy to RSVP. Self-addressed, postage-paid reply cards are nice, but your guest must always go to the post office or find a mailbox to send it back to you. Make sure people let you know when they are attending. Include your phone number, cell phone number and email address instead of, or in addition to, your reply card.

So go ahead and plan this big party. But do not forget to plan a big party invitation. Just remember these tips when it's time to post your invitations, and you should have no problem attracting a large crowd.


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