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The winter has finally arrived. Everything is covered with snow. Children play outside, make snowmen and snow angels. These are just some of the things that remind us that the Christmas season has finally arrived. The celebration of Christmas through a festive dinner has always been a tradition all over the world. There are many customs and traditions that we follow around the world, but it is sad to know that there are many families who do not have the opportunity to practice this tradition. You are lucky if you belong to the few people who celebrate Christmas. To lighten up your Christmas dinners, I have ideas borrowed from different countries to share with everyone.

Our first stop is Italy. Some parts of Italy have this tradition of refraining from red meat on Christmas eves. Instead of red meat, they have fish for dinner. This is also called the 7 fish dinner and is a delight for all seafood lovers out there. This will make your Christmas a little different from the others because instead of serving chicken, pork or meat, you have a fish dish in the center of your table. If you think that the fish is not your envy on Christmas day, you have more choices at your fingertips. More importantly, you eat with your loved ones and have fun together.

The German Christmas dinner could be your next favorite. Introduce something new to your family and friends and they may like what you have for dinner. A traditional German dinner often consists of dishes such as potato dumplings, stuffed Christmas goose, red cabbage and, of course, baked apples for dessert. Germany has ample choice of dishes. You will be the only one to choose. You know what to satisfy your appetite. Choose something that does not take too much time so you spend more time with family and friends rather than getting stuck in the kitchen.

UK also offers delicious cuisine. Bringing British foods to your table can give a familiar taste that you expect. Some of the popular Christmas dinners in the UK include roast turkey, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, salad dressing and of course pudding pie! Christmas cookies are also interesting. It contains small things inside and you can give it to the kids after dinner.

If you have in mind the Mexican food, you certainly have great taste. Most Americans are familiar with Mexican cuisine and this is no stranger in most countries in America. dinner table. It is important to prepare a food by having fun. This will make cooking easier and add more flavor to the food!

This is also true for cultures that do not traditionally celebrate Christmas. Indian, Thai and Chinese foods are also on the list. But before trying them, you must be sure to know the dish you are going to serve. If you do not have a lot of time to prepare, you can always choose those that are easy to prepare, but very tasty. There are hundreds of cuisines and probably a thousand dishes to choose from. Do something you would not want to ruin because you would not want your Christmas to be spent in the kitchen. There are much more important things to do during this very special day. You would like to share most of your time with your family and a few close friends. Dinner will not be complete without those with whom you share your food.


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