A Move More Powerful Than Kissing Yet is Impossible to Reject


According to most romantic movies, the beginning of each thrilling relationship begins with a kiss. There is a movement that beats its effectiveness and will not leave you exposed and likely to be rejected. But let's go back a moment: The most common knowledge these days about attracting women gives the impression that if a woman is comfortable with her touch, a physical relationship can then start.

Here is a solid reasoning, which follows the logic. but what this little treat leaves out is that love and emotions are not a logical construction. I propose a very different reasoning about why a kiss can be the beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman. A kiss makes it very viable to revive a relationship from two aspects, and it is only because of these two aspects that a traditional kiss is effective.

1. Kissing is an obvious physical movement, it shows your physical attraction to a woman. In trying to kiss her, it is unlikely for a woman to wonder why she pleases you. You can flirt with a girl all night, but it can be fun and safe. Kissing is an obvious gesture. She can no longer deny that she did not know what was going on.

2. Kissing is a physical movement that allows her to reciprocate if she shares your attraction for her. Now, you no longer try to seduce her or catch her. You are no longer part of separate teams, you find yourself in the same team.

The process of bringing together two people in the same team with a mutual attraction is a decisive moment. When you think about it, this is precisely why most "traditional" methods of trying to attract a woman do not work. Asking a woman her phone number is not a wait time because getting her number is not physical. On the other hand, simply touching a woman and making her comfortable with your contact does not create a moment "On The Moment" because she does not touch you in return – it's not reciprocal .

I'm sure every time you go to the club. you see tons of guys cringe women on the dance floor, only to watch those same women go away a few moments later without even saying goodbye. Why did she leave? Because despite their touch or aggression, these guys thought they were not creating it with her. There was no connection and, more importantly, there was no obvious physical movement to show his attraction to her. So, she probably will not even remember having danced with him before the end of the night. So here is the moment you were waiting for, what movement is MORE powerful than a kiss and is so hidden that she will never be able to reject you for it?

Mutual hand stroking

The mutual hand stroking is so powerful because it creates a feeling of type "we are a new couple" inside of it. Endorphins? Check. Dopamines? Check. You are now officially in the same team. You work together C & # 39; is what a new couple naturally does one with the other; play with each other's hands, etc. This magical moment also makes it more likely that she will continue to conform to future escalations and physical demands; the comfort built in mutual caresses soars his feelings of security while being physical with you. So, how do you use that to create a time of arrival?

It's very easy …

1. Take his hand

2. Hold it for a few seconds

3. Start gently stroking your hand until it strokes your hand back

The key is that you want to move quickly from holding hands to caressing hands. The reason you do not hold her hand too long is that women associate "holding" with men in need. Instead, leave your hand slightly open and give him the opportunity to move away or stroke your hand. Keep in mind that holding hands will not create the same powerful feeling as caressing each other's hands.

This is the easiest and most consistent way to get to the Moment of Success. This is because the easiest part of your body so that it feels comfortable to touch it is your hands. Think about it. A woman is not going to start stroking her legs at random. Most guys spend all their time worrying about touching it. Make it easier to SHE TOUCH YOU.

Holding her first hand, we simply accelerate the process to arrive at a moment of mutual caress. Do not be the average guy who leaves this moment to chance. Remember, it's up to YOU ​​to make sure this moment happens.

What if she does not take my hand or remove it?

Unlike having a kiss and being rejected, if it does not take your hand, you can simply ignore it and try again later. You see, his rejection of your hand-in-hand advances can never become a reality unless you recognize that you have made an effort to escalate him and that you have failed. Compared to an all-or-nothing gesture like kissing – there is simply NO comparison with the mutual caress of the hands, because these are the ONLY possible results!

1. She removes her hand, you know you have a little work to do before trying again – but do not get me wrong, it will always work as an appropriate indicator of her level of interest to you.

2. If she does not raise her hand but do not caress you yet, you're in the right place! She is getting closer and closer to the edge by being fully lit between you two.

3. There is a mutual caress. Congratulations, it's officially OFF!

Here are some thoughts on the benefits of caressing the hands compared to kissing:

* You are infinitely more likely to caress yourself easily than a hand.

* You do not need to create a perfect time to try it

* It is easier to caress each other's hands with other people around you.

* You do not have to have it alone first

* If you get resistance, it absolutely does not require any damage control – it's a real test of the position you occupy

* That does not reduce the tension and does not let you invade by a challenge

The hands of a woman never lie.

Uninterested women will go so far as to allow you to try to kiss them. Of course, she will turn away and give you the ceremonial cheek. She can even pretend to be shy so as not to hurt your feelings. But one thing that uninterested women will NEVER do is caress each other's hand. You will notice that she will not absolutely caress your hands when caressing hers. She has no problem laughing, smiling and looking you in the eye. That's because all of these things are easy to simulate. The mutual caressing of the hands is the only thing that is not. That will repel her.

These are just the people who really like to caress their hands (for example, new couples). And if she does not like you, the lack of hugs in the back will be a blatant gift that you are with a woman who is not very attracted to you. That's why you will always look for your hands first. Because I have a secret for you. With enough time and repetition of the tactics above – as long as she's still here … The time has arrived, it's inevitable!

Once you have created a present moment by following the above, the entire field is now open. all the doors to bring the interaction to the NEXT level have been unlocked.


Source by Christopher Andersen

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