A Neighborhood on the Sea


As cruising became the most popular type of vacation, she had to adapt and improve her experiences to become the epitome of travel and luxury. New breeds of cruise ships have been introduced over the last ten years with facilities expected from 5 star hotels. These new super & # 39; Cruise ships are equipped with everything you could think of and more!

These cruise ships are among the largest ships in the world and are called cities on the sea. Facilities include the most commonly expected features of coatings such as ballrooms, cinemas and pools, but with some extra extras. The latest ranges of cruise ships have multiple pools, shopping areas, golf courses and can carry up to 6000 passengers.

Most of these supersized vessels operate in the Caribbean Ocean and are stable fixtures to anyone deciding on a fantastic cruise at any time of the year. 39; year. The super-steamers, like those of the Royal Caribbean International fleet, have divided their equipment and attractions into areas called "neighborhoods". To show how cruise ships have changed in recent years, we will use the world's largest passenger vessel. The Oasis of the Seas & # 39; which contains many areas & # 39; for example.

Central Park
The central park area is home to many shops, boutiques and bars, all in a park of more than 12,000 plants and 56 trees.

The Pool and Sports Area
This area covers an entire floor and offers cruise enthusiasts the opportunity to relax in its many pools, spas or even to practice a wide variety of sports in the area. one of his many sports fields.

Vitality at the Sea Spa and Fitness Center
Many spas and gyms adorn this area with health and fitness facilities for people of all ages.

This wonderful area is thematic and features a handcrafted carousel and contains many bars, restaurants and even a tattoo parlor.

Youth Zone
During a holiday, especially a cruise, it is important to entertain children, and cruise ships invest a lot to make it a priority. This area has a scientific laboratory for budding inventors and scientists.


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