A perfect Christmas tree


Christmas Eve arrives with her friends and family and settles in the gift room. Shredded sounds on the gift paper fill the room, followed by shouts of joy and joy. You relax in the gratification of receiving your annual application. A chorus of voices singing joyous hymns bursts and drowns music from recently-packaged CD players and iPods.

The excitement of the sacred night is summed up in a happy and satisfied silence. Everyone huddles next to the fireplace. All eyes are on the majestic tree at the starry bottom. The eyes get bigger with drowsiness. The guests leave as your partner and you retreat to the room upstairs for your second most sensitive New Year's Eve.

You enter the bedroom with deliciously naughty toys wrapped in individual arches. You turn on the photographed candles sitting next to the bed covered in sexy erotic lingerie. You look across the room and find your partner surrounded by exotic edible novelties. Your eyes go down from the upper body curvy to the marabou slippers that adorn the feet. You start your visual journey with the diadem that crowns the head. You notice the moon through the window, sneaking over your shoulder, chilling the necklace of heart draped over your neck. A bright red Christmas corset covers your middle section. Fishnet stockings run on hips, thighs and calves curved.

Looking at this beautiful silhouette, we think of your perfect moment down in front of the freshly cut pine decorated with balls and candy canes. At this moment, you realize that you have the best tree in the world in your room and you can not wait to see what is under it!


Source by Michael D. Davis

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