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The Internet and the World Wide Web captivated the imagination and fantasy of the world, transcending national boundaries and transferring the limits imposed by racial differentiation. Graduated from a simple means of communication, the Internet has become the center of commerce, commerce and business volume. Dissemination of knowledge and education have become full and flourishing activities on the Internet. The need for a website for large businesses, business houses, small businesses and even individuals has become essential rather than a luxury. With domain registration, Web Hositng and other website related costs, drastic drop, owning a website has become affordable. But just like any other commercial activity, owning a website has also become fraught with dangerous slippery terrain and terrain. Unscrupulous operators, who fly at night, have woven clean canvases to trap unsuspecting visitors who crawl into their living room. This is the main reason for our attempt here to try to educate the average person on the internet about the hidden dangers he faces when trying to own a website. This is only a quick overview of the basics on owning a website for your business.

The first step is to choose a professional and qualified web designer and developer for your website. Interact with him and inform him about your business needs and what you expect from the website. The professional developer and web developer will offer suggestions on the features and tools needed to make the site work optimally. Once this step is passed, the rest becomes easy. The web developer designs a website with the appropriate number of pages and frames, incorporating just the right amount of animation and graphics. The goal here is to load the web page quickly to attract any potential internet visitor or customer to the website. The site is ready. The next step is to choose a name that quickly connects your business to the website. This choice of name must be done carefully because it is a major step.

The registration of the domain name must be done through the intermediary of a reputable registrar approved by ICANN. The registration must be done with all the details and the administrative rights must be claimed and obtained from the registration offices. This is imperative to prevent domain name piracy returned by many slick operators. Web hosting is the next logical step. The entire content of your website must be hosted on a high-end server, space being provided for an annual consideration by a web hosting service provider. The service provider will provide you with email identifiers and will point your website to the domain name. Choosing a web hosting service provider should be strictly about profits and not about cost considerations.

Your website is now ready and has been launched. Any visitor who types your website's name into the web browser's address bar would instantly be redirected to the website. The address of the website is an alphabetical representation of the Internet protocol's numerical address. The business owner of a website does not end with the launch of a website. The double responsibility here. The website must be updated continuously and it must be maintained by professional website developers. Website maintenance, updating of content and periodic software updates, etc. are taken care of by the web developer under an annual maintenance contract, if you are serious about your website.

There are a lot of website developers and web designers around the world. The focus of these activities is shifting to India and other third world countries. Due to the abundant availability of skilled and qualified labor and other infrastructure such as workstations, technological facilities and communication. Outsourcing for web development has become a flourishing business. Keep up with the basics, such as interacting with the web developer, choosing the right web developer and integrating the right amount of high tech tools like the best. animation, movies and graphics on your website. Maintain the website regularly and update regularly. Your website would survive for a long time and would attract many more visitors than a routine, launched and forgotten website.

A website is the calling card of your business. Keep it tidy and attractive. Never throw it away.


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