A white Christmas in winter 2010-2011?


Dreaming of a White Christmas in 2010/2011! We are not just talking about a dreaming Christmas party, either because the snow is expected this year. The weather should be up and down this season with little snow on Christmas day, a milder November and some snowfall that should not be arriving until January, which will make it even harder. winter 2010/2011 a little softer.

After a hot summer, October finally arrived once again bringing an icy wind, rain falling and temperatures of the order of the day of less than 0 degrees. I'm leaving now at the beginning of November. I am sure you are all worried about the coming months after the extreme cold of last year.

Last year, we saw the heaviest snowfall in 18 years with temperatures below the national average. The south of England saw in areas of 25cm of snow, which disrupted and canceled services, from planes to trains to and from major cities. Many of you ended up huddled at home, unable to get to work – recognizing that you have a few days off, but catching up on all this work was not an easy task!

During the winter of 2010/2011, we are sadly confronted with a radical repetition of the extreme weather conditions of last year, because the weather conditions will be rather winter according to the experts. The first half of November according to meteorologists should be cold (a little less than average), rather dry and light compared to last year. In late November, precipitation will increase and the temperature will drop sufficiently for snow in the northern regions and Scotland.

As usual, the month of December should be cold, with temperatures close to 2% below average. Overall, the month of December should be drier than usual, which will reduce the likelihood of massive snow episodes. However, this will change in January when the rain levels increase and the fight against the cold will last.

With the reduced chance of snow in the Christmas holiday season, it seems that there is little chance of Christmas holidays being canceled because of the snow. But do not forget that it will always be cold in December, so dress warmly!


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